Tormenting the ImmortalsMature


When I stirred the next night, I groaned. The pool of blood, I had regurgitated had died and crusted around my face and body. I gagged as I sat up and it crunched, I could feel that the blood still left some residue on my face. Standing, I slowly dragged my body to the shower. Stripping, I stood under the warm flowing water enjoying how it washed away the grim of last night’s insanity.

Wait...last night's insanity! I looked myself over and realized that my hunger was back to normal. My thoughts were flowing as they should...but why? Were the gods just going to try and bargain with us again...more threats and torture till one of us became a god? Why though? Why did the god’s need one of us to join them, most of them had either not cared about us or despised us. Why, now of all times, did they want to enter into their happiness and destroy it? 

"Alcatraz?!" A voice shouted from inside the house. I grabbed a towel from outside the shower and quickly dried off, sprinting to my room and throwing on some clothes. “Alcatraz!” Paethos shouted again. I grumbled under my breath and ran to Paethos’s room. Grabbing the border around his doorway, I stopped at the threshold to his room.

“What?!” I shouted. Paethos was half astonished and smiling, his hands lightly touching his ears.

“I…I can hear again…” he stuttered. I nodded, remembering that my bloodlust and insanity had suddenly been torn from my mind. We both stood there, staring at each other until a hand fell upon my shoulder. Spinning around, I calmed down and hugged Charlotte. Her eyes seemed tired and full of thoughts. Lilith passed us and moved to embrace Paethos.

“Come on,” I murmured, taking her away from the other two and shutting the door. Silently, arm and arm we walked back to my room. Lying next to each other, our bodies fitting together like matching puzzle pieces.

“Alcatraz,” Charlotte murmured turning her head to look me in the eyes. Tears brimmed and spilled upon her face. I kissed her forehead and wiped the tears away, allowing more to fall. My eyes pleaded with her to let me know what was bothering her so.

“It’s the gods,” she growled a mix of anger and fear. “They’ve…given me a week to decide whether I will join them or not.” I hugged her close, angered as every word left her. “Artemis and Apollo, they said that if we loved you and didn’t want you cursed for the rest of your lives…then we’d become gods.” I shook my head.

“No, they can’t do that they can’t take you away, Charlotte.” She nodded and kissed me back. “I won’t let them take you away from me, nor Lilith from Paethos. I will not be brought down by gods, I’ve drank from their siblings. I will kill them!” Charlotte flinched and hid her eyes against my neck as I hugged her close.

We will get what we want, young blood sucker! Artemis laughed. Those girls are ours, unless you and Paethos give yourselves to us willingly. No! I will not. You tease us and torment us like animals. We are not your playthings! But you are blood sucker, you are! Apollo mimicked. We’re the gods, we always get what we want!

The End

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