A short tripMature


I stood at the Golden Gates of Mount Olympus. Lillth held her breath, taking in the Place of the Gods. I laughed.

“Yo, I’m here!” I said. Suddenly, a girl who looked young, appeared.

“Are you Charlotte?” she said.


“Oh, Artemies said you where ugly. I think your pretty. Come on,” she smiled and opened the gate. Her long black hair showed brightly in the moon light. She led us to a large building where Artemies and Apollo sat.

“Charlotte! Lillth! How nice it is too see you!” Apollo greeted us.

“Hello.” We said.

“Now, you want your lovers back to normal, right?” said Artimes.


“Well, we have a plan. One f you must become a God do that.” said her twin.

“Who?” Lillth asked.

“We would Charlotte for her fighting skills.” said Artemies. ME? ME? WHAT THE HELL? HELL NO! NOOO!!! I thought.

“Why?” I said calmly.

“You skills are, wonderful. Your skills need to be played with, explored. Besides, wouldn’t you rather play with the Gods, than those vampires?” said Apollo.

He must have noticed my purity ring was off.

“No, I’m fine.” I answered.

“Ladies, we will continue this later. Next Sunday, for the new season. In front of the other Gods, and your friends. They will be back to normal till than.” said Artemies. “Charlotte, please take our offer. You never know what might happened. He might not love you any more.”

The End

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