Letter to a loverMature

Through the day I dreamed soundlessly - and I mean that there was no sound. But I understood it all - as if I could lip read. I couldn't - but it was as if a higher understanding dawned on me.

I woke in the evening - the sky was a vivid orange fading to midnight blue - I could see it through a tiny opening in the curtains. I don't think I'd stopped to watch the world like this for a long time, sound was a very distracting, albeit useful thing. From the corner of my eye I saw the figure of Lillith come to me. She kissed me with an unknown ferocity, as if when she stopped she'd die. She placed a letter in my hand and disappeared faster than even I could see with my new honed sight.

I flicked the envelope open and pulled the letter out:

To my dearest Paethos,

Charlotte and I are going to Mount Olympus. I know you'd have tried to stop us so by the time you read this we'll be there. Artemis called for us and said it was the only way to help you. Last night Nyx brought back Alcatraz. We have locked him in a safe hold. It is your job to take blood to him. We hope you will keep him safe. Charlotte said if you don't, she 'll swap your testicles and eyeballs and see if you can dodge traffic.

I hope you are not too angry at us - but we need to cure you.

I love you so much.

Lillith xxx

Too right I was angry - even I could see it was just a trap. and if a locked door could stop the gods interfering with Alcatraz - they could take him and put him back just outside - I'd never find him if he got out.

oh bollocks. I wish this wasn't happening.

Then will you come to us now? Not yet. Have it your way.

The End

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