Guided to SafetyMature


After draining fourteen humans and no end in sight, I collapsed in the shadow of a building. Blood drenched my clothes and was starting to to dry and brown. I looked up and blinked, nothing had changed, the drums over humans passing me still echoed tauntingly in my ears. I was still starving even though I was filled on blood, groaning I slumped over and shut my eyes. Hunger....blood....need to feed...humans. Close....need...madness ...resist...Paethos...deaf...others...Charlotte...

My thoughts ran together and collapsed into a pile of undiscerning fragments. Some humans that walked by scoffed, taking me for some homeless person that was lounging at the edge of the alleyway. Occasionally, I'd look up at them and growl, causing the humans to squeal and run off down the sidewalk. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the first hints of the sun starting to rise, the warm glow of light and orange-red paint that colored the sky. 

In the back of my mind I knew it was dangerous, something that could kill me but through the shattered fragments of my conscience I couldn't move. I just sat and waited for another sweet smelling human to stumble across my path. 

"Blood drinker, oh what have they done to you." I looked up to see a god, Nyx, kneeling next to me. Her eyes were wide and pained as she wrapped and arm around me and pulled me into the shadows of the alley. The first rays of the sun then sprang from the horizon and landed where I had been only seconds ago. The bricks were cold and comforting against my back as I stared into the gods eyes, my reflection stared back. I was a mess to say the least, my eyes filled with hunger and insanity, my clothes soaked and tattered. "Why do they torture you so?" she asked lightly stroking my messy hair.

I only growled back in response, focusing on the plump veins in her neck. God's blood, I remembered the taste all too well. Part of me screamed not to do it, but the hunger that had cursed me drove my body onward.

"Starving," I whispered licking my lips and readying my fangs to strike. Nyx placed an icy hand to my forehead and a black mist chocked my thoughts. Everything went blank and my body no longer burned, even the crimson that had filled my eyes receded. Nyx pulled me to her and hugged me close, letting me curl up in her lap. 

"Alcatraz..." she said with a small pitied smile upon her unblemished features. My eyes closed as I felt the heat from all the blood burning within my veins. Color returned to my skin and my thoughts collected into understandable sentences. 

"The sun," I gasped, sitting up. Nyx leaned her head on my shoulders for a moment before standing and holding out her hand. As the goddess of night she too could only exist in shadows during the day. I gave her a weak smile and took her hand, allowing a black shadow to engulf us and spirit us to somewhere safe. 

When we arrived I realized that we were back at the house. Nyx hugged me tightly and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. 

"Please stay safe," she said, her eyes pleading. I nodded and she disappeared. A heavy tremor ran up my spine, clenching my stomach. Collapsing onto my hands and knees, I coughed and vomited a large pool of blood onto the floor. My arms gave out and I fell into the warm, slick pool. Daylight had come, I could feel it, and sleep was taking hold of me.  

"Just a quick nap," I murmured, creating bubbles in the blood as I fell asleep. 

The End

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