Out to getMature


I sat on the green grass. How the Hell was I suppose to get a God? I had know idea how one would even get a God to speck to you.

“HELLO?” I yelled at the sky. “Hey..er..how can I get Paethos hearing back? Is Asklepios able to talk to me? Cause I need to talk to someone about Paethos? NOW!” I yelled.

I stood there waiting, my hands on my hips. Than, out of nowhere, a older man walked out from the woods/.

“Charlotte?” he asked.


“I’m Asklepios. You need my help?” He asked.

“I need it, really bad, sir. My friend, Paethos, lost his hearing. After we all returned from fighting in you know. I killed more than he did, AND he’s being tournted. Anyway, can you please help?” I asked.

“I will try, young one. But, he could be cursed.” CURSED? I thought, did he just say that?

“Follow me,” I said. I walked up to the patio and opened the wide French doors. I lead him past a sleeping Lillth.

Than, to Paethos’s room.

“How did you find them?”

“I hared Lilith’s screaming.”

“And, do you what they where doing?”


“Ok. Um, what where you doing?”

“None of your God Damn business. Now fix him!”

“Charlotte, I think somebody cursed him. I’m sorry, do you know who?”

“NO! I don’t! Do you?” I asked.

“I think, does Artimes have anything against you four?”


“Where is your lover, Alcatraz?”

“I don’t know. WHY?” I yelled. Where was he? What did this dude want?

“Charlotte, somebody is out to get you. I have a feeling it’s going to be bloody. Not these two boys, you and Lillth. How would that be?”

“SHIT!” I yelled. “Shit, shit, shit!”

The End

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