Insanity and SilenceMature

Alcatraz was trying to help - I know. But it was so confusing. Even more so to the others as I watched them trying to help the pitiful vampire they saw before them.

I took from the bed and dressed, somehow managing to turn my body from Charlotte who was staying with Lillith. The sun was going to rise within the hour and Charlotte hadn't the strength to be out in search of Alcatraz. I was the only other one who'd been out so late in our 'day'. I needed to bring him back and not die myself.

I pulled on my clothes and slipped out, not knowing if I was making noise or not. I passed cars and birds - all making noise I couldn't hear. The other voices i could hear were of the Gods.

Do you want to hear again vampire? Yes.Then join us - you know it's what's best. You could hear your lover again. You could be truly immortal. Then how did the others die in our little game of chess? A battle is different! We were playing for lives! So would I be able to stay here with the others? No. But we'll return Alcatraz to the house - don't want him to burn up, we'll even take away his insanity if you want us to. That's a stupid question.Of course I want him safe. Then all it takes it is six little words, six words and we can fix it, we can make it right. I'm not saying it. That's a shame - are you sure you don't want to come here and talk it through? No. Another shame. You're not going to find him. Then I'll die trying. What would Lillith say to that eh? How would I know - I can't hear her. Yes - well I'm sure she wouldn't be happy to find you in a mound of dust. Go home and we'll secret him in a safe place. Trust us - he won't die. You're manipulative - but only if you promise he'll not be caught in the sun - I'll go home. You have my word as a God, he won't burn. I hope you're happy Artemis, I'm deaf and defenseless against you all. You always have been.

I hurried home, knowing that the sun would catch up. I don't know if i really can trust the Gods. But I know he'll be sensible enough to hide himself in some house - at least for a night.

I fell into a fitful- soundless sleep. There wasn't even noise in my dreams! I hate the Gods. Oh - we don't hate you.

The End

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