Retribution of the GodsMature


“What the Hell happened, Lillth?” I asked, looking at Paethos sitting miserably on the bed. His eyes were filled with tears as he murmured to himself, though the words seemed like gibberish. 

“He can’t hear." she replied solemnly, moving back to his side and hugging him tightly. He reciprocated and leaned his head on her neck. They both looked so miserable, like someone had stolen their hearts from their chests. Clicking the button on the pen, I scribbled on the simple notepad. 

Do you know who did this to you?" Nod for yes, shake your head for no. 

Paethos glared at the paper, like he despised having to speak in such simple forms of communication. Words burned behind his eyes but when he spoke it was hard to understand him so he shut his mouth. Finally after a long moment of silence he nodded his head. 

Who? Was it one of the gods?

Another nod, this time more pained. I frowned and scribbled again on the paper, my handwriting in old world cursive and loops. Lillith sat and watched, her eyes holding back a torrent of tears. She was trying to be strong for Paethos, we all had to be strong now. 

Nyx warned me...she said that some gods still want retribution. Which one of the gods did this?

He plucked the pen and paper from my hands, his grasp white knuckle gripped the pen as he wrote one single name. 


I raised a confused eyebrow, Artemis had fought by our side against Aphrodite and Ares...why would the god of the hunt, forests, and hills, silence Paethos? How had he wronged her? He seemed to see the questions brimming underneath my shin and wrote more to his answer. 

She stole my hearing. Ever since we left Mount Olympus, she has hounded me with the question. She wanted me to become a god, time and time again I told her no. Eventually she turned to taunts of what I was missing out; food, the sun, the freedom from the hunger of blood.

Paethos paused, tears began to stain the paper, his teeth gritted as he continued. 

Then she simply gave up and  accepted my answer, or so I thought. And now I sit here, helpless as a newborn human child...unable to her my lovers voice...

I leaned near him and took the pen and paper from his slack hands. Lillith and Paethos embraced, keeping each other close as if their life depended on it. That's when Nyx's warning echoed in my head. "Be watchful, young blood drinker. While Ares and Aphrodite are dead, there are other gods that want retribution...they are plotting and planning. Be wary."

A lightning like pain shot through my skull causing me to collapse onto my knees. I could hear Lilith ask me what was wrong but I couldn't answer. The hunger had suddenly erupted in my veins and tore through my body. A stinging heat seared around my eyes as they shifted fully crimson. It was a horrible bloodlust that had taken hold within my body. 

"I...I...have to...go..." I opened my eyes enough to orient myself before shutting them again. I could hear heart beats from humans far away. The drumming of their life's song, driving me mad. I sprinted from the house and took the first human I saw, draining every drop from them but it did not sate my hunger. Just as Paethos had been cursed, so had I. 

"Enjoy your bloodlust, vampire. Now your lovers will watch as you and Paethos waste away to madness." A voice sneered in my ear. It was Dionysus. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up to see his face. My eyes still filled with hunger as they stared longingly at the plump vein in his neck. I was so hungry and that throbbing vein was so tempting. "No, no, humanity needs you to cull their children alot more than you need to drink from me."

Then he disappeared with a chuckle. Trembling, I ran off into the city, dragging helpless humans into alleys and draining them. Crimson poured like rivers before my eyes and still my hunger would not ebb, insanity was starting to grip my mind as the hunger held my body hostage. 

The End

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