Pure SilenceMature

It was the end of a beautiful night. Lillith lay at my side, her silky skin brushing against my own, our curls mixing in a brown and blonde mess, it was what I can only think of as bliss. 

Paethos, are you sure you don't want to join us? It was Artemis, she'd beeing doing this - hoping that I'd cave in. You don't have to be a vampire anymore, you can see the sunrise, you can eat and drink. Have you ever tried the most delicious foods in the world ? I know you are poor in life. You know I haven't. So why don't you just try being a God - you'll enjoy it. No. Have it your way then.

The world was silent. There wasn't any noise at all. "Lillith?" I felt her stir next to me. "Lillith?" She turned and I saw her lips move, but I couldn't hear. "I can't hear you. The Gods have deafened me. They don't want me hear anymore."

For the first time in my long vampiric life, I cried. I wept. I howled. I couldn't hear a thing.

The End

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