Ignorance is BlissMature


I smiled warmly and hugged Charlotte's naked frame against mine. Nuzzling her neck, my kisses trailed up her warmed skin. My arms curled around her waist and the blanket shifted around us. With our passion play over with, for now, I enjoyed her presence. 

"I love you," I chuckled and kissed her neck, trailing my fangs across her skin causing her to gasp and giggle. She turned in my grasp and looked into my crimson eyes. Her blue hues sparkled with life. After the battle with the gods we had been left alone, to drink, live, and love any way we pleased. The world had become a perfect place for the vampires, at least for me.

"Alcatraz," she hummed her cheeks flushing slightly. "That was wonderful!" She pressed her soft lips against mine and pulled away. Her eyes blinked a few more times growing heavy and a yawn passed between her fangs. Her hair fell around her face as she cuddled against my side. "I'm tired," she murmured. I laced a finger around a lock of her hair and played it between my fingers.

"I know, love," I said in a teasing british accent. With a slight sigh I sat up, Charlotte whined quietly. I laughed and stepped out of bed, running my hand through my hair. Tossing a grin back to Charlotte I watched her, back lit by the moon, she resembled one of the goddesses. "I'm gonna grab a few extra blankets, maybe we could share some warmth." I winked at her and turned back, moving to my closet and rummaging around for a few thick, warm blankets.

"Alcatraz," a quiet, almost inaudible voice spoke. I froze, not wanting to scare Charlotte. I nodded, still looking for the blankets. "Be watchful, young blood drinker. While Ares and Aphrodite are dead, there are other gods that want retribution...they are plotting and planning. Be wary."

The voice evaporated as I grabbed the blankets and moved back to Charlotte. I will be wary Nyx but for now I have Charlotte and ample blood...that's all I need. Smiling, I jumped and landed next to her on the bed, throwing the extra blankets over her. 

"Good Day," I murmured holding her disrobed frame close to mine, I didn't want to leave her. I could tell that the sun was rising because I was growing progressively tired too. Shutting my eyes, I took one last deep breath of her sweet scent. I have no reason to worry...

The End

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