Hades: book 2 of CursedMature

Paethos Hiram
Age (really 312) but in appearance 17.
What he did to become a vampire: Killed many prostitutes between 1715 and 1716 and performed in many satanic rituals with a group of others, all whom are dead now.At which point he was cursed to be an immortal killer with an unsatible desire for human blood.
Appearance: Thick shoulder lenght brown curls, alabaster white skin. The grey-violet eyes of a vampire. Very tall, 6ft. which was even taller when he was supposed to be alive. Honed muscles due to his long years as a vampire and he has learnt to make uncanny human expressions without bareing his enormous fangs.
Personality: After becoming a vampire it taught him a lot about death, he actually detests killing now and would rather he'd been found before this curse had been placed upon him so he could have been hung like other killers of the time. Now a generally calm individual but when angry resorts to his incredible strenght and speed to quell his anger, be it through killing or getting as far away as possible.

Name: Alcatraz (keeps his last name a secret)
Age: looks 17, is actually 416 years old
Appearance: Tall skinny, handsome with immaculate pale skin. He has beautiful crimson eyes that glint like firelight. Loves wearing hoodies and jeans, but always looks immaculate no matter how he dresses. When he smiles he shows a set of perfect white teeth framed by two sharp canines. Often wears shirts displaying Bands or Artists, album designs. Has short black hair that haings just below his eyes, it is a bit spiky looking.
Personality: Before he was turned, Alcatraz was young, submissive, innocent and kind. But after his turning her grew apathetic and dangerous. He has a dark, predatory, almost playful nature that hides under the cloak of a typical teen. His manners are very old style including bowing and addressing others in a calming manner. He is very knowledgeable and can seem very old when he speaks of times long past. He can be calm and stoic or sadistic, dark, dangerous. He always enjoys toying with the ones he drains. He can be very tricky and sly, with wit and a silver tongue to match.
Reason he was turned: Alcatraz grew up in a very religious family that worshiped the gods day and night with an almost zealot fanaticism. Alcatraz hated them very much, he was an intellectual an loved the arts, but his family burned his art and books saying they were the works of evil or sinful gods/goddesses. This action drove him over the edge, causing him to murder his parents and his three younger siblings. When the local militia showed up they found him covered in blood and reading a favorite tome. Alcatraz then murdered the militia and was on the run from them, killing whoever he wanted and whenever he wanted. From there the good gods punished him for his bloodlust, making him immortal with an unquenchable hunger and need for blood. While he loves being what he is, he curses the gods for causing the deaths of his family. He is bitter and lonely.

Name: Lilith
Age: Looks around sixteen or seventeen, but is actually a decade or so older than that.
Appearance: Very beautiful. Short, standing at around 5"3' and very delicate looking, she has pale, creamy skin and long blonde hair that hangs in ringlets to her waist. She has large, wide eyes that are normally a pale grey, but go crimson when she is thirsty or hunting. Wears girly things like dresses and skirts. Very fashion conscious. Never (Or at least hardly ever) wears the same thing twice.
Personality: Seems very innocent, naive and weak at first, but this soon proves to be an act she puts on for her prey. Is actually a black-belt level fighter, with the supernatural strength that comes with being a vampire. Can be many things. Can be malevolent, blunt and cruel, but can also be kind, loving and caring, depending on her mood.
Other info: Is a relatively new vampire, having only been turned in the last two decades. Was ripped harshly from her peaceful human life when she became the prey of a most gorgeous male vampire. What he didn't count on, however, was falling in love with her. He loved her, but in the end his thirst over took him and he bit her, draining her almost to the point of death. But, before she died he helped her make the transition into vampire life and immortality. Despite the fact that in doing so, he saved her life, she hated him for it, and killed him. Killing for the first time changed her greatly.



Name: Charlotte Lynn Gibson

Age: 17 Real Age: 211 years old.

Looks: Average height, short golden hair. Blue eyes, and really pale skin.

Perostily: Nice. But, if proverked is very mean. She loves to talk, and is very fashionable. She is like the head cheerleader type, popular. She is not one to make fun of others, but is known to. She gets very mad when you talked about why she was turned. She wheres T-shirts from brand name stores such as Aero, or Hollister. And in the summer is known to steal boys basketball shorts.

Why turned: She comes from a background much like Alcatraz, only hers was roman catholic. When she was thinking about joing a convert, she decidce to live little. She begin to do things girls of her time would never do. From jumping of bridges in to 15 feet of water, blind folded to letting out muderes from the local jail, her father was the only poiceman for miles. One day, she be-friended a muder and rapest. She helped him kill the town, killing all the man and animals, and than was raped herself. The Gods/ Goddess found it more fun to turn her into a vampire. She has hated the gods ever since.


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