Gun Fighter part 2 Intro

I recently finished a story and i thought about using this to start my next piece. Mainly for the purpose of trying to develop it but feel free to read it.

It was a dark day. Kieran, he knelt beside a grave marked: Lilith Chloe Sunset Veblen - The girl who never missed. Beside that was another grave: Iris Veblen. He lay flowers at each grave then unlocked and checked a box. The ammunition and cracked gun remained in it. He locked the box up then sighed. Another year, that makes 5 in total girls. Youre lucky to not be in this place anymore. Far too boring for you Id imagine. Everyone’s at peace, there are no more experiments and no more violence. Still, I‘d have liked you to be here.

He chuckled then lay the final selection of flowers at another grave: Rose Veblen - loved mother and wife. Ive got to go sign papers now girls. Ill see you next year to give you a report, even if you dont listen. He walked to a company car where a driver waited by the door. Home I think.

Very good sir.” Kieran was driven off, looking sadly at the three graves until they went out of sight.

Ivy crawled over the grave stone and around the box. The lock broke then the lid opened and the green plant grabbed it then dragged it over the grave. 4 fingers erupted from the soil then a thumb was shown. The ivy pulled away the soil then there was a gasp and a deep inhalation of air. As the soil was pulled away the gun slid down and the hand locked around the handle of the gun.

The End

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