Race: The Falinn

Name of race: the falinn

Origins/Where from: Mysteriously appeared in the treacherous Krilohanian mountain pass. Tend to prefer cold mountainous areas or cliffs as homes.

History: The falinn are cruel byproducts of an ancient spell-part shadow, part living beings cursed to serve the owner of the skuggi, a coveted obsidian staff dating back thousands of years.

Allies: The falinn are forced only to be loyal to their current master, but no being truly knows if they are capable of making their own decisions. Doing so, however, would result in unbearable pain and punishment.

Enemies: The falinn don’t really hold grudges, but they cause them. Absolutely hate their master for keeping their freedom from them, and any other strong, dangerous beasts who believe they can easily defeat the falinn (cue trolls/orcs). Even go out of their way to maintain their reputation.

Common life: The falinn spend their days dutifully serving their master and, when not under orders, settle into a deep meditative state.

Characteristics: Immortal, but few and far between. The falinn can dissipate into shadow and appear miles away, travelling swiftly through darkness. Direct light pains them, though moonlight doesn't have any negative effects. The falinn look practically human in their solid form, but their sharp fangs and cold yellow eyes give them away. They talk and act without emotion, but have been seen to make moral decisions in the past. The falinn avoid conflict and contact with other beings, fighting and appearing only when absolutely necessary. They are formidable close-range fighters, paralyzing a beast twice their size with a deadly bite. The falinn have superior eyesight and heightened senses, along with an uncanny ability to read a being's emotions.

Other: Some weaknesses the falinn posses-

If they remain in direct sunlight too long, their eyes begin to bleed, only stopping with a taste of shadow. Many have fallen to wasted shells this way, living in a half-dead state. Rowan, silver, and salt are said to ward them off, but many believe that nothing can stop a falinn from completing its orders. The falinn sometimes seem to be taken over by one of their natures, either becoming more human or more shadow. Rumors say that the falinn were already-existent beings that were painfully bound to the shadows, but most consider them non-sentient monsters.


The falinn are known to have a really dry, sarcastic sense of humour, if any. They think of most species as pesky obstacles rather than potential allies. They’ve stolen just about anything and everything, from the most insignificant objects to treasured relics. (That got them quite a few enemies!) Will do anything and everything to complete a mission. Have been known to control shadow not a part of their own form, but this is a very rare occurrence. They become stronger the more darkness there is-so they will be super-powered even more than usual during the cloudy beginning of the stories. They couldn’t care less about the demon, and have NO religious beliefs whatsoever.

A group of the falinn have started to develop the ability to disobey orders, choosing to endure pain instead. Due to the fact that they are still thought of as murderous thieves, these falinn are socially unaccepted-and so have resorted to doing what they do best to survive; steal. Disobeying orders still takes its toll, slowly torturing them, and so these 'outlaws' decide to nick the skuggi from their master, freeing the falinn once and for all. The head outlaw, leader of the group, is Laila, a spunky, crafty burglaress. (is that a word?) Has become well-known as the greatest thief in Lithilen, mastering the art of trickery and disguise.

The End

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