Monster Races: Trolls, Orcs

Name of Race: Orcs

Orcs are big brutes, some tall some hunch over and deformed with varying intelligences, depending on the amount of elf gene retained. They are the descendents of elves, ones that had mangled with dark magic (not the same as shadow elves which are just elves that control the shadows) and deformed themselves. Some have repented and desired to rebuild themselves, though most, without their usual intelligence level, work for Azzasmar or other dark magicians.


Name of Race: Troll

Trolls are huge lumbering fools, fat, ugly and very very big. They’re scatter throughout the north and usually won’t come down south unless they’re forced to (hunger, commands, etc.). There are cave trolls, forest trolls and plain trolls. Cave trolls are slightly smaller, though stronger and are able to gather in slightly large colonies without creating chaos. Forest trolls live scattered throughout the forest. They’re the smallest, being actually only slightly taller than the tallest elf. They can move rather quickly and hunt alone. Plain trolls are the largest and live in groups of 3 or 4, alone on the plain. They won’t gather unless they’re lacking food, in which they’ll hunt together. But will disperse immediately afterwards to avoid chaos that often happens.

The End

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