Race: Ithoans

Name of race: Ithoa

Origins/Where from: Travelled across the sea to the Mycith region in a large, somewhat spherical enclosed ship made of metal. They live in a town just off the coast made using parts from the ship and hewn stone from a nearby quarry. The top half of the ship, now a metal half-shell, serves as the hub of Ithoan political and religious activity. It is said that only an Ithoan knows how to access this structure, affectionately called the Mainstay. The Mainstay is heavily guarded and houses the Priest and his attendants.

History: The Ithoans came from a land across the sea in search of refuge from the opposing army that had begun to conquer the land. They have lived in their new home for nearly 200 years since then and have adapted well to the land. They are both transhumanistic and religious.

Allies: Due to many Ithoans' occupation as merchants, they tolerate and in turn are tolerated by most races.

Enemies: Orcs and trolls, but only if these groups provoke Ithoan merchants first. Ithoans are not one to pick a fight, but will fight to the death if their people, way of life, or something they believe in are threatened.

Common life: Ithoans are crafty and good with their hands. Common jobs are found working in the quarry or mines, or crafting the ore and raw materials into goods. There is one hospital, called the Plus, where, amongst basic treatments, patients can receive mods if they are approved by the High Priest of Industry. These mods are used to replace missing limbs lost in mining accidents, enhance vision for those who build small or intricate devices, and increase productivity and safety amongst other things, but only if deemed necessary. Those who are less adept at crafting and apprentices of a craft are known to travel as merchants to the other provinces. Selling as number of their own created goods is the last step in students' apprenticeship. After work, Ithoans can be found congregating in local taverns or around the Mainstay.

Religion: The Ithoa believe in the Great Creator, who gave them the gift of industry. There is one High Priest of Industry who monitors the created things. The people view their natural aptness at creation as a gift.

Characteristics: Both Ithoan men and women are characteristically muscular but slender and surprisingly strong for their size. They are a bit shorter than the average human. The Ithoa are born with light skin and gray hair, but the soot and heat from furnaces soon dulls and tans their skin.

Other: The Ithoan are able to use most hand-held weapons, as they create them, but are most skilled at using broadswords, hammers, and axes.

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