Race: The Luriennfauna

Name of race: Luriennfauna

Origins/Where from: Live in the valley of Luri. Town of Loria. Province: Ethulan

History: Descendants of Elves and river spirits.Quite wise and gives lot of advice.

Allies: They generally stay to themselves but will form alliances with anyone they believe to be for a good cause. They will always come to the aid of the Silienfauna (due to them both sharing the pain of being half-bloods) but their relationship can get rocky at times, due to disagreements in views. they will help man at times.

Enemies: Despises trolls orcs, anything of that sort. They dislike the Falinn (even more than the Silienfauna) due to raids. They tend to dislike man for their weak hearts but will help them at times.

Common life: Wanderers in the valley sometimes, but mostly settled in the town. Hunt on the plain of Corrin

Characteristics: Graceful like elves and quite jolly. Usually golden or sliver/white colored hair and quick on their feet. Archers, but also good with daggers. Can also communicate with nature in ways.

The End

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