Race: The Silienfauna

Name of race: Silienfauna

Origins/Where from: Hidden deep in the forest of Silia. Lives in the town/village of Silifara

History: Descendants of Shadow elves and tree sprites. Decended on Lithilen during the hundred year war. Not evil, but they don't like interfering with the outside world unless it affects them too.

Allies: Not really allies with anyone due to their lack of communication with the outside world. But they will come and help the Luriennfuana if they need to.

Enemies: Don’t have any actual enemies either, but they generally dislike anyone who disturbs their peace for a bad cause. Despise Orcs and trolls and anything of that kind. They have had some bad encounters with the Falinn and tend to avoid them when possible.

Common life: Wanderers, but come back to the village to rest and gather when called.

Characteristics: Graceful like elves with a slight bit of malice. Usually earthy colored hair (unless the elf gene gets the upper hand) and quick on their feet. Archers, but also good with daggers. Can also communicate with nature in ways. Has the ability to hide in the shadows

The End

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