Brief Timeline of Lithilen

Guide to the world of Lithilen. A Camp NaNoWriMo collab between me, sycamore, Bearington, and MadDurand.
*Note: Plot outlines will contain spoilers.

Timeline of Lithilen:
1st age: 0-1486
(4 years of war)
2nd age: 1490-2834
(one year of war)
3rd age: 2835-3130 (very short-lived)
3130-3230 hundred year war
4th age: 3230-4958
(few months of war)
5th age: 4958-5640

1st Age: Not much is known about the First Age. It was a time of small, isolated settlements and many small wars and conquering amongst the races.
The Skuggi was forged and the falinn bound to their duties.

2nd Age: The Second Age began after King Alehert conquered and united the provinces. This age was a renaissance of art, science, and cultural awareness across the land. The King promoted diversity and created a central area of land now called Iodur as a gathering place for the people of Lithilen to across the continent. This central area borrowed land equally from the existing provinces and became a central hub of activity in the land.

3rd Age: The Third Age began after King Dorian, his queen, and their heirs, were killed in a plague sweeping the land of Lithilen. The King’s advisor, a Luriennfauna named Hethryn, received the crown. Unfortunately, the plague was met with much turmoil in the land. This age was filled with many riots and uprising. This eventually led to an alliance of the races in leading a revolt against the capitol.

100 year war(aka the War of the Elders): The making of the Silienfauna; they purged the forest Silia of evil and hence lived there then. This led the trolls and orcs that had lived there to scatter and form nomadic tribes throughout Lithilen. It was during this time, towards the end of the war, that the Ithoans made their voyage to Mycinth and prospered from forging and trading weapons and forming trade routes within Lithilen and a sea port, opening trade of foreign goods.
After the hundred year war, the elves leave Lithilen, disgusted by Azzasmar. The shadow elves leave 50 years later. The only remaining elf race now are the half-bloods, the Luriennfauna and the Silienfauna.

4th Age: The Fourth Age started with a Luriennfauna once again sitting on the throne. The King Picothen created an age of peace and prosperity. Much of this age was spent rebuilding the capitol and surrounding cities and improving them.

5th Age: 5521-The Zehnai make the southwest coastal islands their home after fleeing from the plagues in Ruun. This is a similar plague that occurred at the start of the Second Age. At the start of the Fifth Age, a human King seizes the throne. This age is met with racial seclusion from the capitol. At first the change is minor, the king wanting more security for the city, but with the reign of the current King Kinthur, only those who have permits may enter and exit the capital. There is strong conflict in the provinces between royal guard and anyone who is not human. An army is being built with the alleged purpose of guarding Lithilen from other countries.

The story takes place at the end of the 5th age.

The End

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