Happenings and Creatures of the NightMature

"What the HELL is it now?!" I shouted as a man woke me up.

"Mr. Kavros, sir, I'm sorry to disturb you, but -" he stammered.

"Spit it out," I said, deadpan. "Or Igo back to sleep."

"Someone's gone missing," he said, suddenly with purpose in his voice. "The pilot from the ship that dropped us. He's gone. Someone said hey heard some weird noises and now he's just nowhere to be found."

"Damn it," I muttered. "Dammit, dammit, dammit. Fine. I'll take a look around. This had better not be a wild goose chase."

A lot of people had been disappearing lately. It was odd, and always the same: someone would be outside or near an entrance, and then there would be some kind of noise, and then they would be gone. No trace. I needed to know what was happening to the people I was supposed to be protecting.

I woke the rest of the mercs myself, even that creep Elias. I explained the situation, and someone moaned, "Again?"

"Yes, again. Now we are going to find the victim this time. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," they all muttered.

"Good. Let's split up." I explained everyone's responsibility and left them to it. I had a hunch of my own that I wanted to check up on. "Saph," I said as she began to walk away. "You're going to have to be with me. I need you." I tried not to sound demanding; I'd been pretty hard on her the last few days.

I grabbed my Desert Eagle and a large combat knife, both of which I had set down next to me while I spoke, and headed for the door. I led Saph out into the woods a bit and then told her to look around for anything unusual. Neither of us came up with anything.

I looked around, wondering what to do next. I gripped my pistol a little more tightly and wandered into some kind of hole in the ground. Soon, a creature that I couldn't quite see clearly jumped out and tried to bite me. I shot it twice, and it went limp.

"Go!" I shouted. "Back to the hotel! MOVE!" We ran back, and stood there, warily watching the shadows.

I gathered the rest of the crew up and explained what we had come across. There definitely was something out there. Whether it was responsible for the disappearances - that was what we had to find out next.

The End

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