Bad HabitsMature

I noted the hard glance Scott gave me and couldn't hope to prevent the grin. He needn't worry so much, I've never been interested in pursuits of love. That was something my half-siblings could do. It just seemed pointless when I'd always outlive someone. But that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy his annoyance. I wasn't going to deny the fact that Saph was extremely beautiful, I'd never seen eyes glow such a vibrate shade of purple in my life, and I've led a long one. The moment ended quickly though and our small group began to disperse, so I did my usual thing and explored the landscape.

This part of the world seemed mostly occupied by tall, thick trees that spread and surrounded us and the ship. There was a dirt path splayed into the ground by footsteps that led into the green depths and presumably, to a nearby settlement. I pointed it out to Scott who gave me a tight nod of agreement. He needs to loosen up I thought. I could already feel my body growing agitated, wanting another cigarette. It's quite a bad habit really, I've been told to stop. But it's not like it can actually kill me.

I let Scott lead the way, figuring he wouldn't react kindly to me assuming any leadership-type roles right now. Saph was walking at the back so I joined her. I really needed to quiet my curious instict. But for now I'll let it have its way.

“So why are you two all silent and angsty with each other?” I asked and a small sigh escaped her lips.

“It's a long story” she replied in the same breath, shrugging her shoulders. Her purple eyes flickering over to Scott from time to time.

“It usually is” I said with a small laugh, but didn't push the matter. I gave into my body's want and pulled out a cigarette. It just made sense since I'd soon be surrounded by mortal beings. Cigarette's are basically a distraction from my desire for blood. Luckily I've never been in a situation where I haven't had them and a good old lighter.

The End

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