Meeting the CrewMature

I stepped off of the ship and surveyed the land before me through the already-fogged-up view port of my biohazard suit. The damned thing was only holding me back from minute one.

This was typical of a government job. They handed me a few grand to wear some stupid costume and do some security work - fine. I guess I wouldn't complain, as long as the money was good. I glanced back at the sound of footsteps on the metal ramp from the ship's exit hatch to see a male figure, wearing no biohaz gear. What the - right. A vampire. Of course. That was fantastic. Now I had a bloodsucker to watch out for.

I decided to act friendly - for now. "Hey," I said, reaching out a hand. "Scott Kavros."

"Elias," he responded lightly, almost uninterestedly. "I suppose we'll be working together, then."

"Yeah, I guess so."

Even though I knew she was coming, I still froze when I saw Saph step off of the ship. The sight of her still brought back so much pain that I couldn't bear it. She spared me one distasteful glare and then turned to the bloodsucker and introduced herself. He seemed quite interested. When he looked back at me, I simply gave him a hard stare.

Saph seemed pleased that I was bothered. Good for her.

Then, I saw a woman just a few years younger than me, standing at five foot seven with blonde hair. She glanced at all of us, and stopped a few feet away from me.

"I'm Fern Pylos," she said simply.

We all introduced ourselves, and then set about our own business.

The End

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