Sapphire Flame

I sat in my room, feeling sorry for myself. Of all the people they could have chosen for this mission, they choose Scott Kavros. Really? Didn't they know our history?

Listening to "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", I thought of that exactly.  My dad always called my his Rose. He said I was pretty, but I had my thorns. After I met Scott, that's what he started calling me. His Rose. Soon after that, I developed this huge crush on him.

Then we moved. And my father died. And I pushed my self. After becoming a mercenary, I was sent on a mission: Stop an assissination. Imagion my surprise at seeing Scott as the assinator. I was crushed. Literally.

After that mission, I avoided him. Until today, when he passed me in the hall. He just kept walking. I started, watching him pass, my heart doing a little dance.

Stop it, I scolded myself. but it didn't work. So there I sat in my room, listening to the saddest love songs possible. I finally decided I needed to leave the ship. I got up, plugged my headphones into my Zune, and walked ourt of my room. Grabbing my biohaz gear, I threw it on and stepped ouit onto the new planet.

Guess whnat was the first thing I saw?


I held back a sob.

The End

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