Suit or Rapier?Mature


I watched from a small dusty window as one of the humans left the ship. I took another long drag of my cigarette before flicking it into the ashtray, it bounced up and down before it settled on the clear glass – the lack of gravity was somewhat disconcerting for me. Guess we should all head out right? One of us going off alone sounded like a cliché start to some horror movie.

I approached the entrance, ignoring the curious glances from my co-pilots as I grabbed a biohazard suit. I doubted I need one. Vampires are hardy creatures after all, especially my kind. I noticed the guns on the shelf and wondered if I should take one. After all, while I may be skilled with the rapier at my hip. It would prove troublesome to gain access to it with this suit. Finally with a sigh, I removed the suit. I caught the glances again and shrugged them off. They might call me weird, but I liked the deadly thin weapon with it's artistic hilt and cunning blade. I intended to use it.

The others aboard the ship had clearly never met a vampire, or maybe they just don't understand that it's rude to stare? Oh well, I opened the hatch and followed the human, wondering mildly if the others intended to follow. I also thought about the colonist's here, how would they react to a vampire? Maybe I should tell the others to keep it a secret from them. I wouldn't want anyone to feel unsafe because due my presence.

The End

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