A group of mercenaries become Guardians, people who protect the world from extraterrestrial threats and cover up alien encounters.

Scott Kavros

I reclined in my seat on the ship, expecting to arrive in a few hours after I got some sleep. Supposedly, I would only be there for security reasons, keeping the colonists safe as the new planet was terraformed and colonized. I relaxed for a little while, before getting up and strolling around with a slight bounce in my step, enjoying the feeling of low gravity. The fact that there was any was amazing: artificial gravity was usually a luxury afforded only the grandest vessels.

I hopped down the corridor of the ship and spotted a painfully familiar face: Sapphire Flame. I kept walking, hoping to avoid her completely. Our last meeting hadn't exactly gone well. The ship reached planetside after an uneventful flight. When we touched down and were secured to the docking area - basically just a flat strip of land suitable for the small exploration vessel we were on - I grabbed mybiohaz gear and prepared to go out into the unexplored territory below. I holstered my pistol on my belt, picked up my submachine gun, and bounced to the exit hatch.

The End

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