Kanin was curled up on the pillow next to me when I felt her nudge my cheek,

"Hey, Luna, someone's knocking," I moaned and turned over, pulling to covers around my head. My whole body was protesting, it felt like I had had the energy sapped from me. This time I heard the person knock for myself, obviously they wouldn't leave me alone.

"Nuuugh..." I moaned as Kanin jumped on my head, I shot upright and said,

"What is it?" I yawned and picked Kanin off my head, putting her on the pillow where she twitched nervously. I put my jacket back on when I heard Caleb's voice muffled through the door,

"Strangers are in the hallway, likely they are very dangerous. You need to come out and follow me!" I looked a Kanin,

"I'm sorry Luna, my powers were down like you." I smiled and picked her up, I went over and opened the door to see Caleb looking at me, I felt the blood rush to my face and noticed a girl standing behind him with a deer next to her. I smiled and she smiled back timidly.

"Come on," Caleb said motioning with his head. I nodded and followed  him as we moved back to the reception. I tensed as I saw five men standing there all with guns. Caleb carried on moving forward confidently, I was about to tell him to stop but Kanin pushed her head against my chest.

"Hello sirs... can we help you?" I tried not to laugh as all the men turned round with looks of surprise. One raised a gun at Caleb's head and I tried not to yelp in surprise as I heard the gun click, Caleb dodged it and yelled,

"Get em'!" He charged at the man who had shot at him, I heard the girl next to me stifle a yelp and cover her ears. I pressed a hand on her shoulder and smiled, I nodded and gave her Kanin, I ran forward and fell down to the ground. Kicking one of the men's legs from under him in a sweeping motion just as he was about to fire a shot at Waya. Waya nodded at me and I smiled, I turned back to the man who had me momentarily stunned and grabbed his gun, bringing it down on his head. He collapsed but he wasn't dead, I glanced at the gun and threw it away in disgust. I smothered a laugh as it hit another of them over the head and I watched as the deer kicked him with it's back legs. He fell into the wall and didn't get back up, I was about to turn around when I felt something tackle me, I didn't even have a chance to yell as the weight on top of me crushed the breath out of me.

"Sorry." I heard Caleb say as he got up and charged at the last man standing, I blinked shocked as I looked at the place where I had been standing moments before, I bullet hole stood, still smoking on the wall that had been next to me. I heard another shot go off, then another, I turned round and watched in horror as a bullet ripped through Caleb's shoulder. I ran over to him and knelt down,

"Thank you! You saved my life!" He snorted and said,

"Don't flatter yourself to much...I would have done it for any one of you people,"

I felt something wet on my hands and glanced down to see blood covering my hands, I gasped and opened his jacket. There were two places where each shot had hit, one on his side and the other on his shoulder. It was worse then I first thought,


"Caleb!!" I heard Waya scream as he slid to a stop next to me, I felt sorry for him, his face was twisted in agony from seeing Caleb like this. Waya spun round a stared at me,

"You have to help him! Do something!!" Waya was being over emotional but I could understand why.

"I-I'll try, I promise! Waya stop it!" Waya looked at me shocked and stopped nudging Caleb. I knew I sounded harsh but he could just be causing more pain. Waya nodded at me and sat next to me, I could feel him shaking. I put a hand on his head.

The girl walked over with Kanin, I held out my arms and Kanin jumped into them,

"Luna, are you sure you'll be able to do it? If you use too much you'll... you'll... die!" Kanin looked up at me,

"Kanin please!" She nodded and sat down on my lap, I closed my eyes. It was harder to focus, I had too many doubts about if I could save Caleb. I felt Waya lay a paw on my hand,

"He trusts you. Don't worry so much." He mumbled. I took a breath and opened my eyes. I gasped as I saw how bad his wounds were, they were glowing a intensely bright green, almost to the point of being white.

The one on his side looked like it was worse, I ignored the various other scratches and bruises he had and focused on the two main problem. I lay a hand on each wound and felt my energy travel through my fingers and into him. I felt the skin shift beneath my fingers. The bullet holes were slowly closing up, it was getting harder for me to breath. I gasped a bit,

"Luna! Luna, you don't have enough." Kanin moaned at me,

"I'm fine." I mumbled, Come on Caleb! Please don't die! Why did you have to save me!

"L-Luna..." I felt someone grab my wrists, "Don't." I felt Caleb push my hands away from him weakly. I could still see that he wounds weren't completely healed,

"Caleb, please! Let me heal you! This is my fault!" I felt tears form in the corner of my eyes, "Your such an idiot!"

I tore my eyes away from his green markers where the wounds were and watched as I saw him smile weakly at me, it was kind of weird seeing if while I was in this... uh... mode? Everything seemed duller other then the areas of need.

"Why would it be your fault? I would say it was the guy who shot me's fault... and no, you can't heal me, you don't have the energy," He trailed off towards the end, "I'll be fine... just take a little bit of time."

I managed to glare at him through my tears, "Don't play the hero! You shouldn't have pushed me away! Even if the bullet had hit me it would have only grazed me..." I trailed off and bit my lip, to be honest I have no idea what it would have done but I didn't want to say that.

He shook his head at me and said,

"It would have hit your head... even if it had just grazed you, he would have finished the job with a second bullet... and what would your death have accomplished? Much better this," He winced as he tried to sit up, "than losing you or anyone else here for that matter." I don't know why but I was mad that he was so willing to give his life,

"You really are stupid." I said sadly as I closed my eyes and opened them again,

"Ugh..." I said as I fell sideways, I felt someone catch me and opened my eyes to see Terry grinning at me,

"Really? This is all I've seen you do so far," He chuckled and rested me against the wall. He then went over to Caleb and covered the wounds with some bandages. I watched silently as everyone began to help Caleb sit up. 

The girl who had been with us came over with Kanin in her arms. Kanin looked at me worriedly and jumped out on the girls hands and into my lap,

"Luna! Are you ok?" I laughed with no joy,

"Yeah, just great! Fat lot of good I am!" I sighed and closed my eyes, I began to stroke Kanin's head and heard the girl sit down next to me.

"I'm Adelaide by the way, and your Luna right?" 

"Yeah." I said weakly, I couldn't move at all, I stopped stroking Kanin and just let my hand flop down to my side. 

"This is Ayala." I opened my eyes to see Adelaide indicating to the the deer.

"This is Kanin." I murmured, the girl smiled at me timidly.

"Um, thanks... for earlier... I hate loud noises but you really helped... so did Kanin." I smiled,

"Your welcome, I know how it feels but I guess you've just got to move through that fear. If I stopped at every thing that scared me I would most likely still not have even made my first step. I'm sorry, I'm really tired." I trailed off at the end as I fell asleep.  

The End

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