a girl and a deer appeared in the doorway. She stopped when she saw Waya her mouth hanging open in a wide O. I smiled as Waya went through his "Don't scream" speech yet again. I noticed another girl right behind her as she pushed through and sat took a piece of bread before sitting down. The other girl hesitantly sat down and talked with her deer before going and trying to mingle with the rest of us.

I was just starting to relax when Waya's ears perked up. "What is it?" I asked, sensing his unease. 

"People, in the hotel. They shouldn't be here!" 

I immediately got up, "There are people in this hotel that shouldn't be," I announced. I pointed to Terry, "You take her and her with you and come stay near but out of sight," I said as I pointed to Sally and Fia. "I'll go find Luna," then I pointed to the girl with the deer guardian, "You come with me, after we find Luna we'll need to confront whoever it is in the hallway."

Everyone nodded and went off to do as they had been told. I moved off to Luna's room at a fast pace, checking to make sure that deer-girl was following. "I'm Caleb by the way." I said after a short while of walking. 

She nodded, "I'm Adelaide."

"Nice to meet you! My friend here is Waya by the way...I believe you met him earlier..." I put in as an afterthought. 

By the time I had finished speaking we had reached Luna's room. I knocked on the door but heard no movement inside. I knocked again, louder...I didn't really want to wake her up, but considering that in this world there were only us, our spirit guardians, and the bad people....we were in considerable danger. I heard some movement on the other side, "What is it?" Luna called sleepily. 

"Strangers are in the hallway, likely they are very dangerous. You need to come out and follow me!" I called.

There was more movement and then the door opened to reveal Luna, her hair was a little bit messed up from sleeping but she actually looked like she had recovered for the most part. "Come on," I said motioning with my head that we needed to start moving. She nodded and followed me as I moved back down the hall to the reception. There were five men there, all dressed in black suits and armed with pistols. 

I walked out to them, "Hello sirs...can we help you?" I asked. 

They all looked up at me, shocked that I would just come out and meet them. One leveled his pistol at my head and I immediately ducked as a bullet whizzed over me. "Get 'em!" I shouted then charged the man who had shot me, hitting him square in the chest and bowling him over. I elbowed him in the face as Waya pounced on him. I left the guy to Waya as I moved on to the next man, they were focused on the group of kids that were now charging them. He saw me just as I reached him and slammed the butt of his gun down on my head. i saw stars for a bit and the next thing I knew, Waya was on him with his mouth around the guy's neck.

I looked around and saw that every other guy was either down or on his way to being down. Except one. He had his gun aim and was about to fire, I whipped my head around and saw that he was aiming for Luna. I leaped at her, sending both of us crashing to the ground as two bullets whizzed by us. "Sorry," I said as I leapt up and charged the guy. I heard a gunshot and saw his muzzle flash. Suddenly there was a searing pain in my side and I was forced back a little. I grunted in pain then kept charging, no use stopping, he would just finish me off then kill everyone else too. I threw myself at him as he took aim once again. His next shot hit me in the shoulder as I was in the air. 

Despite being shot, I crashed into him, his head hit the floor with a resounding smack! knocking him out. I groaned and rolled off of him; clutching at my side where the first bullet had hit me. Luna's face appeared above me, "Thankyou! You saved my life!"

"Don't flatter yourself to much...I would have done it for any one of you people," I managed to reply as the room started to whirl around and then turn black.


The End

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