I've never been good with people. In fact, someone walks past me into the room before I can get myself together. When everyone is talking, I sneak quietly into the room and sit next to Ayala, who is talking to the wolf. 

"Ayala, what is everyone called?" I ask quietly, too shy to ask them myself.

"Oh, well, I don't know the people's names, but I know the names of the Animal Guardians. This is Waya" she nods at the wolf.

"Hi" I wave shyly. He smiles at me, well, at least I think he does.

"The rabbit over there is Kanin. The dragonfly is Hinto. The porcupine is Prick, and the fox is Kit" Ayala tells me. Then her head snaps towards Waya. "Why are you laughing? You know everyone's names don't you?"


"Please tell me" I beg.

"Nope. You'll have to find out for yourself" he grins.

"But I don't-"


"But I-"

"Uh uh"


"What's that I hear? Oh, it's stopped now" he grins at me again. I fold my arms.

"It's no use Adelaide, he's not going to tell you. Besides, it'll be good for you. Get to know some people, make some friends. That's girl's not talking to anyone, she looks your age" Ayala says kindly.

"She's talking to Hinto" I say

"You know what I mean. Go and say 'hi'" she tells me. I try to object, but she just says"Now" and starts talking to Waya again. So, I walk nervously up to the small blonde girl and say


The End

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