Luna shook the guy gently. "Excuse me, are you ok?" she asked. 

He moaned and rolled over a bit. "Hey man you really need to wake up now...we got places to be..." I told him and shook him a bit harder. "At least I think we have places to be...?" I said as I looked questioningly at Waya, who nodded his agreement. 

The guy moaned again then suddenly snapped awake and jumped up immediately. He struck a fighting position and looked at us warily, "Who are you and what do you want with me?" 

I held my hands up in a placating gesture, "We're not here to hurt would be dead already if we had..." 

The guy lowered his hands to his sides and nodded, "I'm Terry..." 

"I'm Caleb," I replied, then I turned and indicated my wolf guardian, "and that's Waya." 

I watched as Terry's eyes grew huge, "It's a-a-a-"

"He's a wolf, yes...don't worry though, he won't bite unless I tell him to...just make sure you don't offend me..." I finished for him, though I made sure that the last part was obviously all a joke. 

Terry gave a weak smile, "Yeah, sure..." he said, keeping a watchful eye on Waya the whole time.

"Um, shall we find a place for all of us to stay then?' I asked, "We can stay at my place but it's a little small for all of us. We should probably just commandeer some hotel-room or something seeing as we're the only humans least so far as I can tell."

"Alright there was a hotel we passed just a little ways before here, it was four-star so the rooms should be pretty comfortable too." Sally volunteered. 

I glanced at Luna and noticed she was wobbling slightly, "Alright let's go!" I said I stayed a little back as everyone filed out of the room and went out with Luna. "You sure you're ok?" I asked as we left.

She nodded, "Mhm," she answered sleepily. 

I was somewhat skeptical, as her wobbling legs said otherwise, but I didn't press her...after all, what could that accomplish?

The hotel was, as we had assumed, deserted. We went to the desk and each took a key to adjoining rooms and moved in. My stomach rumbled...I was hungry! I looked at my watch, 7:30 PM. no wonder! I hadn't eaten since breakfast! I went over to the kitchens to see if they had anything sticked up. There was all kinds of different things! I got to work immediately. I could cook when it was necessary though I didn't particularly enjoy it so I made a simple meal of grilled pork chops, green beans, and mashed potatoes in gravy. When I was done I called everyone down from whatever they were doing so that they could come eat. 

Everyone, spirits included came down hungrily. Everyone that is, except Luna. I assumed she had gone to bed early. I took a plate of food up to her room and knocked quietly...she would need food to replenish the energy she had used to heal Terry. I heard her groan inside. "I brought you some food Luna, you really should eat before going to sleep." I called. I heard some movement and then the door opened. 

The End

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