Kanin's ears pricked up,

"Waya, looks like Hinto's found the one he is meant to guard." Waya glanced back at me and Kanin,

"Were are they?" Kanin squirmed in my arms and I put her down of the ground gently,

"Follow me!" I moaned softly to myself as Kanin set off at a fast pace... well hop. Down the street. Waya raced after her leaving me and Caleb behind, panting as we tried to keep up with our over energetic guardians.

We soon saw them stop by a pond,  a girl was standing there staring at Waya in disbelief, Caleb caught his breath first and said,

"It's probably better if you don't scream," He said, grinning at me, "Waya has sensitive ears." I frowned down at the ground, feeling my ears go red.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked us, while doing the same thing I did and  back away from Waya.

I took a breath and said, "Well basically that dragonfly," I looked at the dragonfly, "I'm guessing you're Hinto? Anyway, that dragonfly is your Guardian and is here to protect you from some unknown force that is chasing us." I picked Kanin up,

"Hi, I'm Luna and this is Kanin, as you can see I have a Rabbit as a Guardian." Kanin gave me her rabbit look and said,

"Hey, I can't help being a rabbit!" I smiled at her and started tickling it behind her ears.

"Hey there, I'm Caleb and this is Waya. Don't worry he's harmless really."

"If only a little bit rude." I muttered under my breath quietly, Caleb didn't hear me but Waya turned round a glared at me. Me and Kanin made a little squeak noise and hid behind Caleb.

"I'm Sally and he's Hinto," She said pointing to the dragonfly, Hinto landed lightly on her shoulder. It was strange really, even though he was a dragonfly he was slightly larger then any I've seen.

"Not to end this little meeting short but I think we have someone else to pick up." Hinto said. Kanin furrowed her brow,

"Who? I don't recognize any of the energies close by." Hinto rolled his eyes, if a dragonfly could roll it's eyes.

"We haven't seen him in ages, anyway we better go get him." And so we started running... Again! We soon came to a building that looked like something had exploded in it. We ran up the steps and came to a room that had the wallpaper signed off it. Me and Kanin we're the first into the room, I ducked self consciously as a spike flew through the spot my head had been a moment before. We both squealed in surprise and hid behind Caleb again, Waya walked into the room and growled,

"Cool it Prick, stop getting agitated." I noticed a man knocked out in the corner of the room. He looked badly beaten up, my sense of having to help him out weighed my fear of the unknown attacker, I rushed over to his side and put my head down to see if he was still breathing. I felt his breath on my cheek, I looked at him carefully, checking to see if there was anything that suggested I shouldn't move him but he only looked grazed. Kanin hopes along next to me,

"Wow, good protection." She mummer's and the squeaks, jumping behind me as a porcupine comes out of the shadows and walks over to the man,

"I know, I know! But I haven't been able to anything for years and then he brought me in to the middle of a battle! Kanin can't you help him?" Kanin peeks from behind me,

"Oh... Prick?! What happened to you? We haven't seen you in years, we all thought you were dead... well more dead then you are now... you know what I mean." Waya walked over and sat down on the ground, Caleb knelt next to her and I saw Sally stand behind them.

Kanin walked futher towards the man and looked him over before turning back to me,

"You have the power to heal him Luna, it'll be draining but you won't need to do too much." I blinked at her,

"Wait, what? How can I heal him?"

"With my help, all I have to do is sit on your lap. You'll need to let go of any doubts or fear, work through it and sense where the worst effected area's are, you then just place your hands on his body and will some of your own health into him."

"Isn't that dangerous?" Caleb said, looking at Waya in concern. Waya in turn also looked at Kanin,

"Are you sure she can handle it?" Kanin huffed and said,

"Well do you want me to heal him or not? And you say I'm contradictory."

"I'll be fine." I mummer quietly. Kanin jumps onto my lap and I close my eyes,

"So I just need to get rid of doubt right?"

"Yes, and then you should sense a small glow from this man, hook onto that and start looking for the areas that need help." I nodded and slowly sorted through my doubts,

Could I do this? Yes, Kanin said I can so I trust her.

Will I be ok at the end of it? Yes, I will just be tired, I can cope with that.

I took a breath and carried on sorting through all the doubts I had, I heard someone say something but took no notice, this was going to take some time. Finally I sensed a small glow from the man, I realized his name was Terry, I opened my eyes and looked up and down his body. I could see the places he was hurt were marked in a glowing green, the brighter the green the worse the wound. I see a couple of places on his hands that have been pierced slightly, I place mine over Terry's and feel a bit of energy go out of me,

"Not too much Luna," Kanin mummer's on my lap, I feel her plug my energy on that spot, I nod and move next to his head where it looks like he hit it on something. I then go to his legs and finally to his chest, I pause in confusion.

"His soul's been damaged." Kanin tells me, "Place your hand over his heart and allow your energy to travel through his whole body, I place my hand over his heart. I feel myself getting more tired, once I'm done his body is a paler green and in some areas he's fully healed.

"Good, now blink and prepare yourself for the draw back Luna." Kanin mummers gently, I close my eyes and open them slowly. I feel all strength leave my limbs, I fall onto my side. Someone catches me,

"Luna! Are you ok?" I nod slowly and look up to see Caleb looking down at me,

"Luna, Luna! I'm sorry, did I push you too far?" I fell Kanin nudge my hand in concern. I take a breath and push myself away from Caleb, swaying slightly,

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't worry about it, I just need to rest a second." I place a hand on Terry's shoulder then think again, I look at Waya,

"Uh, no offense but maybe you should back off, I mean he'll be disorientated and it's one thing to be woken up by a stranger but another to have a wolf watching you." Waya huffs but moves over to the door with the other Guardian's, Kanin hops over to them as well. Caleb kneels next to me, watching with concern clearly on his face. Sally looks at me and then at the man on the floor.

I shake Terry's shoulder gently,

"Excuse me, are you ok?" I hear him moan, moaning's good! It means he's alive.

The End

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