It's not that I don't like animals, but I've just never had that much experience with them. I grew up in a block of flats, see, and there were no pets allowed. My best friend had a fish, but that was the closest I got, unless you counted the stray cats that raided our bin sometimes.

Sometimes city life got too much. There was always one problem after another, and then I'd find myself down by the pool- a small, brown watered pond that lay at the end of a track on the outskirts of town. It was there I would feel myself, when I was alone. Well, alone with the dragonflies.

I thought I was fairly normal, I mean, I had problems, but they were the usual teenage stuff- homework, friends, homework... you know. But I never thought I was insane or anything. I'd always talk to the dragonflies when I was down at the pond, but that was just random. I never truly thought I was... um... different until one day the dragonfly started talking back to me.

"Hello," It said to me, oblivious to my scream of disbelief. "My name is Hinto." While I tried vainly to covince myself that I had finally flipped and was imagining things, the dragonfly just flitted around the still air, its azure body glinting in the midday sun.

And that was when the wolf and the rabbit turned up, followed by two ordinary looking people. "It's probably better if you don't scream," the boy said to me, "Waya has sensitive ears."

"What the hell is going on?" I asked them both, all the while backing away slowly from the wolf.

And they told me. I still couldn't believe it, but I guess I do now. Hinto seems nice, if slightly sarcastic. He likes to sit on my shoulder, which is ok. I guess it means we're friends. And now I know what's coming, we'll need all the friends we can get.

The End

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