Something was going to happen today, I could feel it, I could feel it all day long. It made me jumpy, a car beeped it's horn at me and I had to dodge as it roared past me. I placed a hand on the wall clutching my heart, Calm down, it was just a car, calm down.

I looked around anxiously and realized that no one else was near, the whole road had become deserted in a matter of seconds. I felt myself get more nervous, my breaths came out in quick gasps, there was nothing going on, why was I so jumpy?

I carried on walking down the road, a dizzy spell suddenly struck me, I stumbled and fell down hard onto the concrete. I blinked away the stars in my eyes, a small tugging ran through my stomach, rolling onto my back I looked up at the sky. It was pitch black... Wait what?! I sat jump quickly, moaning again as the blood rushed to my head, how could the sky be black? Even though it was night time the sky wasn't black! It was a dark blue and purple but now it was completely black, there was no moon either. I shivered slightly and glanced around, mist had started to seep down the empty street, What happened? Am I going to die? Am I dead already? What if I was dead? I felt my breathing quicken, I clenched my hands and tried to slow down my breathing.

Calm down Luna, take deep breaths, don't get scared, put on a brave face. I glanced around nervously, something flickered in the corner of my eye. I spun my head round but there was nothing there, Jumping at shadow's.

There, something caught the corner of my eye, I turned around the other way but there was nothing there. I could feel something watching me, they were getting closer, I stood up and began to walk quickly down the street. I heard a can topple over, I glanced down the alley way to my left. A can rolled down towards me, it stopped when it touched my foot. I tensed my muscles, getting ready to flee but first I stayed stock still, I made my breathing shallower and strained my ears for any tell tale signs of movement. Nothing moved.

I started moving again, my steps becoming quicker the futher I went. Soon I was running, I paused at a couple of shops to look through the window but there was no one about. Not a single soul!

I was running faster, I could feel the fear rise in my throat, what was going on?

Suddenly I ran into something, tripping over it, I heard something yelp in surprise along with my yelp. I fell head over heels and landed on my back,

"Waya!" I heard someone say worried, my head was pounding. Something nudged my cheek with a wet nose,

"Do you think she's dead?" Something growled close to my ear,

"Don't say that!" The person I heard from before said. I moaned and opened my eyes slowly. I blinked a couple of times, inches from my face was a... wolf! I screamed and jumped up quickly backing away, I felt myself bump into someone and spun round to see a boy behind me. I yelped in surprise again and fell down on my bottom. I spun back round, the wolf was right behind me, I opened my mouth to scream again when the boy clamped his hand over it.

"Please don't scream again." I watched the wolf fearfully, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Can I move my hand yet?" The wolf tried to smile at me but I only saw the row of sharp teeth, I shook my head and the boy kept his hand clamped over my mouth. The wolf looked slightly offended,

"I should be the one who's scared, I mean she ran into me!" I felt myself scream again, muffled by the boy's hand.

"Waya, you're not really helping." The wold, Waya, snorted and sat down on it's hind legs.

"Kanin! Where are you?" Waya snapped at the empty street. No one replied.

I watched as Waya rolled his eyes... if a wolf could roll it's eyes.

"I can smell you fuzz ball! You're meant to be her guardian, what are you doing?" I watched as something knocked a trash can,

"I'm scared." I little voice squeaked,

"Like Master, like Guardian. Will you get out here so that this woman will stop screaming. Aren't you meant to perceiver and over come fear?"

"You're harsh Waya, I was going to show myself soon."

"I'm a wolf, I'm straight forward, get used to it. Anyway you don't have time to mess around, what if she was found?" Waya glanced at me and the boy holding me,

"It's our job to protect them, both here and in their world." He paused, the other voice didn't say anything. The silence stretched out when finally a rabbit appeared from round the corner. The rabbit was white with crystal blue eyes, some of it's fur was blue as well. It was the strangest rabbit I've ever seen, it's ears flickered nervously as it hopped forward.

The boy let go of my mouth,

"You ok now?" I nodded, oddly I had calmed down since I saw the rabbit. It... wait she, seemed familiar, and then it struck me, she was the same rabbit that I kept glimpsing out the corner of my eye as a kid. One of these such memories appeared in my minds eye, I saw a snow white rabbit run across the landing and into the bathroom, I turned around surprised and looked inside the bathroom... it was empty. There was nothing inside, I looked inside the bath, behind the door, in the bin but there was no rabbit.

The rabbit stopped in front of me, she twitched her nose and said,

"I'm Kanin, and I'm your Spirit Guardian." I blinked a couple of times before I lifted Kanin gently. Kanin squeaked in protest,

"Be careful! Put me down, wait no! Don't drop me!" I brought her up to my face so that we were looking each other in the eye.

"A rabbit?" I said with no emotion,

"My Guardian is a Rabbit?" I heard Waya start to laugh, it was a yappy laugh.

"Oh, Kanin, I told you this would happen to you." Kanin frowned at me, I couldn't help but smile, she really couldn't frown when her fur was scrunched up all around her.

"You're so cute." I hugged her gently and tickled it behind her ears. Kanin pouted at me but soon her leg was thumping in pleasure.

I watched as the boy walked in front of me and leaned down offering a hand, he looked about the same age as me with grey coloured hair, just like Waya's, and amazingly light green eyes. I put Kanin down on the ground and took his hand gratefully,

"Hi, I'm Caleb." He said smiling at me,

"Luna," I said, I blushed and looked down at the ground, "Sorry about... you know... screaming."

"No problem" He said laughing without mocking me. I picked Kanin back up, her little nose was twitching still, she glanced over at Waya,

"I think we should be leaving, I can sense them coming." Waya nodded in agreement, beginning to move further along the street,

"Yeah, I've been smelling them for a while. Come on."

The End

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