I woke up in my apartment just like any other day. As I got up and looked out the window though I realized that something was wrong. The sky was heavily clouded, as if it should be raining...but it wasn't raining...and it hadn't rained in a long time here. When I looked at the ground I realized it was covered in a dense strange, we had never had mist in the city before that I've heard of...

I sighed and moved into the kitchen to make breakfast when I got there I stopped in my tracks; there was a full-grown wolf sitting on the floor by my table...staring at me. I slowly started to back up, holding my hands up in a placating manner hoping not to upset it. mixed emotions were running through my head, on one hand I love wolves, on the other, they can be very dangerous.

The wolf cocked its head and it's tungue lolled out, almost as if it were amused at my reaction. "Why are you afraid of me?"

I looked around, there was no one in the room except me and the wolf. I looked at the wolf again. "W-was that you?" I asked hesitantly. I must be going crazy!

The wolf made a kind of bark-lughing sound. "Yes," it replied, "who did you think it was?"

I shrugged, "Never heard a wolf talk before is all..."

"Most wolves don't talk...I am Waya, your spirit guardian."

I nodded, it kinda made sense, I had always loved wolves, I even kind of looked like one...and for some reason this particular one if he (yes I somehow knew it was a he) was some friend from long ago or somthing. I moved carefully over to him, when he didn't make a move to bite me or hurt me I put my hand on his head and scratched him behind his ears. Waya closed his eyes happily

"Mmmh, yes that feels really good," he moaned.

I smiled, we were going to get along just fine after all, I'd always wanted a wolf as a pet...

The End

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