“What was that?” Terry voiced all our thoughts. I was standing further back from the others; so I couldn’t hear their thoughts but their shock was obvious. It was written on everyone’s face – even mine.

“I...uh...don’t know,” Adelaide answered quietly.

“Smoke...” Sally repeated, “Smoke.”

“But where did it come from?” Prick asked.

“I don’t know but I don’t like it,” Ayala stated. Me either, I mean anything that can burn someone’s arm like it did Fia’s can’t be good, can it? I thought. I glanced at Raylene and drew comfort and strength from her presence.

“I think we should stay away from this room,” Hinto agreed.

“Right, we need to tell Luna,” Terry said. We all nodded in agreement and followed him as he set off down the corridor with Prick by his side.  Raylene and I stuck close to the back of our group.

“NO!” I heard someone scream. Luna. Everyone froze momentarily and then I began to sprint past them all, towards the scream. The others followed me quickly. They recovered fast, I’ll give them that. I was pushing myself to my limit though so they fell a few seconds behind.

I rounded the corner to see a blue, shimmering, light thing between Luna and Caleb and the same black smoke from the room we’d just left. The black creature thing disappeared but I kept running to Luna and Caleb.

I skidded to a stop beside them, blocking out their thoughts.

“Are you alright?” I asked urgently, looking them over for any injuries. Luna looked merely shaken and Caleb had been knocked a bit but was fine. I was surprised by how concerned I was and judging by their faces, Luna and Caleb were surprised too.

“Yeah, fine,” Luna replied. The others reached us then so I stepped back and scanned the corridor in case the black smoke came back.

“I guess it’s not restricted to that one room,” Sally stated.

“Clearly,” I agreed, with a dry edge.

“Let’s go back to Fia and talk there,” Hinto suggested. We all thought this was a good idea and walked swiftly to the room where Fia, Kit, Kanin and Waya were. The four of them watched us enter, confused by our grim faces. Everyone sat down, except Terry and I. I leaned against the wall by the door, with my arms crossed.

“What was in the room?” Luna began. She was sitting next to Caleb and he had his arms around her shoulders.

“The same thing that attacked you,” Sally told her.

“Attacked?” Kanin piped up, giving Luna a sharp look, “What happened?” Luna looked a little sheepish and glanced down. Caleb quickly recapped what happened to the two of them but I had the feeling he was hiding something. He wasn’t too far from me so I dropped my guard and broke the deal.

“It had a hunger for negative emotion?” I interrupted him. His eyes flicked over to me and he looked rueful.

“I thought you were going to stay out of my head,” he said.

“Yeah, well, you can’t trust sociopathic me,” I grinned. They were all kind of growing one me. The other people looked baffled by our exchange.

“I read minds but only if you’re within my ‘hearing range’,” I informed them, “Aren’t you lucky?” Pieces fell into place, I could see them working out why I was the way I was. Caleb rolled his eyes at me and then proceeded to explain how the thing seemed to feed of Luna’s negative emotions.

“What was that blue light?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” Caleb hesitated, “I think it came from Luna, though.” Luna looked up.

“Me?” she replied, clearly startled.

“You must have created a protective barrier,” Kanin whispered, “Limited but effective.”

“A...what? I thought my power was healing,” Luna exclaimed.

“You can have more than one power,” Raylene inserted dryly, her eyes flickering over to me. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her.

“So what do we do now?” Adelaide asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” Waya frowned at her and she flinched slightly. I scowled at Waya but he just grinned back slightly.

“I think she means do we stay here or go somewhere else and try to hide,” Kit said.

“Good question,” Sally stated.

“How could we hide if the smoke thing is drawn to negative emotions?” Terry frowned. I gave him an isn’t-it-obvious look. His puzzlement was mirrored in the other’s faces though. I rolled my eyes and fixed them on Caleb. He looked bemused then realisation dawned on his face.

“Oh,” he breathed, “Of course. We all have powers and might as well use them.”

“Whether we like them or not,” I added dryly. Our Guardians expressions cleared.

“OK, so Caleb and Adelaide can control our emotions but we still need to decide whether to stay here or not,” Ayala said.

“How about we vote?” Luna suggested.

The End

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