"I'm sorry," Luna said quietly as she got up and left the room. What was wrong with her? 

I watched her leave the room. I turned to Fia, "You'll be alraight for a while?" She nodded and I left to chase after Luna as best I could. I finally caught up to her in the hall. "Luna," I said as I put a hand on her shoulder and spun her around to face me. I looked into her eyes. I felt a huge amount of guilt emanating from her. "It's not your fault," I said as I raised a hand to stroke her cheek. 

Luna looked away, "Yes it is, if it hadn't been for me you wouldn't have had to save me; I'm just a useless weight." 

I put my fingers under her chin and directed her face to me again. "Don't you ever even think that. We're all here for a reason." I said forcefully. 

"Well then what am I here for? What use have I been so far? You haven't even let me heal you!" she said, close to tears. 

"Without you, Waya would be dead," I said soberly. "Because of you, no one is dead yet. Without you, Fia would be in a lot of pain and trouble." 

"But it's also my fault you got hurt in the first place!" Luna exclaimed "and that has also effected Waya."

"Both of us are well on our way to a full recovery. Neither of us would be if you hadn't been there."

"But you already care for someone else..." she said quietly and turned to walk away.

So that was it, "No. I'm not. I got over her about the same time I got over the other stuff."

"Even if you have gotten over her your still hurting," she replied as she placed a hand on my chest, over my heart. "You still feel the pain in there... I don't want to cause you more pain... it wouldn't work... I'd just cause you more pain."

"Maybe so, but thats not all..." I sighed heavily, "...I need someone." 

"But you need someone better then me! I'm useless, you need someone who isn't as scared as me!" she said, a tear actually started to roll down her cheek. 

"You may get scared sometimes, but so does everyone. But just because you get scared doesn't stop you from joining the fight. You're brave Luna, and you're also kind, and caring."

"But I just cause people pain, when they're around me bad things  happen!" she cut herself short and looked away. I sensed a long-standing grief beneath her surface emotions. 

I pulled her into a hug. "Bad things do happen, but you have to learn to live with them, good things happen too you know."

She pushed away from me slightly, "Caleb, there's happiness out there... but I'm not sure that I'm good for you. I may not be the one your looking for, there's someone better for you." She didn't pay any attention to the tears running down her face. 

"Unless you have been acting completely unlike your usual self, then you're perfect Luna," I said as I looked directly into her eyes trying to convey my seriousness.

"But..." she started. Suddenly there was a thick, black smoke enshrouding us. And evil laugh came out of the oily stuff as it surrounded us. I sensed bad intentions immediately, coming from inside the cloud that surrounded us. I pulled Luna down, just as something flew over our heads trailing a horrible smell behind it. The smoke engulfed us completely, and I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. I grabbed a hold of Luna and pulled her close. As I heard the thing turning for another swoop. I positioned myself between Luna and the sound. Luna started to struggle, "No! Not again!" she cried out. 

I brought my hand up to her cheek, "Love isn't always something you can help Luna..." I whispered.

The thing reached out to attack us and just as it did Luna managed to push me away so that the creature wouldn't hit me. "No!" I cried as I tried to get back; knowing it was too late. But Luna ducked and the thing passed over her once again. The smoke had cleared enough for me to be able to see her as she motioned to me, "Come on, we better get out of here before u try another night and shining armor trick." 

I smiled, and followed her a we ran down the hall. I felt a hunger coming from...whatever it was...a hunger for negative emotion. Then it hit me, it had been drawn here by Luna and her self-deprecation and sadness, and it was Luna that the thing was going after. I saw it swoop once again and jumped in between it and her. The thing grabbed my leg and started pulling me away. 

"NO!" Luna screamed at it. She charged at it and started batting at the creature. She couldn't get it off of me though, and despite both of our best efforts it wouldn't let go of me. Suddenly the pressure eased as a bluish shimmering came between us and the creature. It was coming from Luna! I immediately got up and motioned to her, "Come on let's move!" but the smoke had already disappeared; and the others were rushing up to us.

The End

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