Fia's injury was not normal. No-one can burn their arm that much, just by sticking it into a room. No way. 

I opened the door to the room she'd been outside. It was just. Thick, dark smoke. Smoke inside. Smoke billowing out towards us. I didn't get it. You can't have a room just full of smoke! It's impossible! But it wasn't warm enough for there to have been a fire in there. Nope. Just smoke. 

"Close that door right now" Ayala's voice came through, sounding stern. I was shocked to find that I'd been staring into the smoky greyness. I slammed the door, and then winced from the loud noise. I looked quickly around, to see that the smoke had filled the hall, but it disappeared in a second. 

The next second, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of shock and confusion. I stepped back, into the door. Yeah, I was shocked, and confused. But this feeling wasn't all mine. Looking at the others' faces, I saw that they all had expressions of shock, confusion, or both. I was speechless. I was getting feelings from them? 

"What was that?" Terry wondered aloud, while the others just stared open-mouthed. 

"I... uhhh... don't know" I said, quietly. "Smoke?"

"Smoke..." Sally muttered. "Smoke"

"But where did it come from" Prick asked. 

"I don't know" Ayala said "But I don't like it"

"I think we should stay away from this room" Hinto agreed. 

"Right. We need to tell Luna" Terry said. We all nodded and followed him back don the corridor.

The End

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