After Eva told us about her... I guess vision, things happened quickly. Caleb organized us into groups and we all went to find a new place to stay. We had to stop quite a bit so that Caleb could rest, every time I asked if he wanted me to heal his wound  more he shook his head and brushed me off. I don't know why but I felt hurt for some reason, we carried on like this for two hours until we got a call from Terry telling us that they had found somewhere to stay.

Caleb took the lead and I followed behind, Caleb tried so hard not to make it apparent that his wound was still hurting him but, even though I wasn't in my healing mode, I could still sense the injury burning underneath his skin. Even though it wasn't a threat he was still in pain, pain which was my fault.

I always got in the way, if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have gotten hurt... I looked down at the ground and avoided looking at Caleb for the rest of the trip. It was better if he stayed away from me. We came to the house... well you could hardly call it a house!! I glanced over at Caleb and noticed that he seemed to be lagging behind, I walked up next to him and helped him upstairs. Kanin and Waya followed behind us, I put him down in a room and went to the bathroom for a minuet. I heard someone come in after me and turned round to see Waya standing in the door way. He met my eyes and I looked away,

"Stay with him... just for a while..." I closed my eyes and nodded. Waya left and I looked at the mirror,

"What am I doing?" I murmured to myself,

"What use am I?" I turned and left the bathroom, I made my way back to Caleb's room and sat down next to him. I made sure to keep my face normal and set myself to worry once again about his wounds.

After a while I sat down in the chair that was placed next to his bed and glanced out of the window, I looked back down at Caleb. I didn't know anything about him... Who was here, what sort of life did he have?

"So what was your life like before... all this..?" He grimaced slightly and took a breath,

"I just recovered from...from a really bad life. I used to have a girl friend...I loved her like nothing else in my life," He started, I felt my face fall slightly. He loved someone else... I'm just an annoyance. I couldn't work out why I was so hurt by his declaration of love to another girl. He continued,

 "I thought she loved me too, but she was just using soon as this handsome guy came along and asked her out...she left and I never saw her again," I heard the bitterness behind his voice and felt a pang of guilt, he shouldn't have to tell me this. He carried on before I could say anything,

"After that I got really depressed, I ran away from home, started cutting myself, smoking, doing drugs, you name it, I did it." I clenched my hands in my lap to stop them shaking, so much pain... It would have caused him so much pain, "Only a couple months ago I finally picked up the broken pieces of my life and started to put them back together...I got my own apartment, a job, went to a shrink as well as rehab. Even went back to yeah...that's it." He gave me a weak smile. 

Pain... so much pain, but does he still love her? I closed my eyes, still sitting with my hands clasped together. I opened them again and looked at Caleb's pale green eyes,

"Does it still hurt?" I placed a hand over his chest, "Does it still hurt there?" He gave me a puzzled look,

"What do you mean?" I lifted my hand away, I hesitated slightly but clenched my hand and put it back in my lap.

"Nothing," I laughed, "Nothing really, it doesn't matter... I shouldn't be bothering you, your still weak." Caleb looked at me intensely but I ignored him and just looked out the window. Caleb went to place his hand on top of mine but I pulled them away quickly. I grimaced as I saw hurt flash behind his eyes, he opened his mouth to say something, but at that point a scream echoed through the house. I stood up quickly, knocking my chair over and ran over to the door. I ran down the hallway and turned the corner to see Fia closing a door, her hand was badly burnt. The other appeared next to me at the same time as Fia turned round and saw us. I saw tears spilling over and saw a sickly green emanating from her arm. I ran forward and took her hand.

"Come on!" She followed me to the bathroom, I got a cloth and wet it, placing it over her arms. I saw Fia flinch in pain, I removed the cloth and placed my hands on top of the wound. I closed my eyes and opened them again, I looked at the green glow surprised. It was different, it was like it was still alive, like the wound was still in the process of happing. I looked up at Terry, Eva and the others who stood crowded around the bathroom door.

"Can you go and find out what's in there please? Don't go in, and don't touch what ever is in there, just tell me what you see and then seal the door off. This wound isn't normal!" The other's left and soon it was just me, Fia, Kit and Kanin.

"I'm sorry," Fia said through gritted teeth, I smiled at her and said,

"Don't worry, let me see what I can do." I ran a finger up her arm and across her palm, I stopped at the center of the palm and muttered,

"It's not just one wound, there's many places that have been effected... and they aren't simple wounds. It's more complex..." I blinked and swayed slightly,

"It's not going to be enough to heal it in one session, come on we better get you to bed so that I can start at healing it." I steered her gently to a room and sat down next to her bed.

Caleb came in a while later but I didn't say anything, I was too focused on sorting out the right places to numb so that Fia wouldn't be in so much pain. I knew what I needed to sort out but it was going to take time and patience. I vaguely heard Caleb say something to me but I couldn't quite make out what, I placed my index finger and middle finger on Fia's elbow. Energy flowed through and numbed her arm, I felt Fia relax and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Luna..." I blinked and caught myself on the edge of Fia's bed, my stomach turned somersaults as I looked up to see Caleb standing next to me. I could still see the hurt hovering behind his eyes, I looked away from him and got up, leaving the room,

"Sorry." I said quietly.

The End

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