Caleb, Luna, Adelaide and Eva rejoined us at the house about twenty minutes after the phone call had ended, and in that time Terry, Sally and I, along with our guardians, had taken our time to look around the house, each choosing the room that we wanted for ourselves.

When the others arrived, I couldn't help but feel a little relieved, but at the same time slightly angry. Caleb had seemed to take over the group, bossing the group around and splitting us off. The relief came from the feeling of safety. Terry was strong but very shy, and Sally was quiet too, so there was no real conversation between us. I felt slightly under-protected when we were a group, due to the fact that we were being accompanied by a dragonfly, a porcupine and a fox - not the strongest of animals, it has to be said.

Once the group were settled I chose the opurtunity to leave the room and explore the house myself. I nudged Kit, who was sat across my knees, who slowly leapt off of my legs and onto the floor. I said something about being back in a minute and left the room, seeing Kit jump into the armchair where I was just sat.

I walked down the long corridors, moving my feet swiftly and quietly, straining my ears so I could hear if anyone was approaching. I quickly moved about the house, shuffling up the stairs as I reached them. I ran along the upstairs corridor, searching for something, anything, that would be useful.

A while later I stumbled across a new door, something I had not seen before. It was a large wooden door with a shiny, old fashioned, brass handle. I paused in front of it, listening to hear if anyone was approaching.

Slowly and cautiously, I reached out to the door handle. I rested my palm on it before gripping it tightly with my fingers. I pulled lightly on the door, yet it did not budge. I pulled again, a little harder, and with a little click, the door opened a little. I swung the door open, squinting slightly to see what was inside. The room was pitch black and it seemed like a black smoke was filling it.

I pushed my hand into the smoke and screamed as a burning sensation ripped through my arm. I tugged my arm, attempting to free it from the smoke. As tears formed in my eyes, I pulled again, harder this time. The smoke released my hand and I slammed the door shut. The door once again clicked and I turned, only to be faced by Kit, Eva, Luna and everyone else.

The End

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