I watched as Luna and Kanin moved down the hall. And winced as I tried to move. Just standing up was hard enough, my side was burning and my shoulder throbbed dully. I was still frowning internally at Lin though. We need to be a tightly knit team; we need to trust each other. How can a team function without unity and trust. There had to be some way to get to her! I frowned in concentration, but I hadn't come up with a solution by the time Luna came back with the rest of the people. I sighed and tried to take a step; I failed however and ended up flat on my face with a sharp pain shooting through my side...I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today...

Luna was immediately there to help me up, and I smiled at her. "Thanks," I told her as I leaned on her lightly for support. 

Luna smiled back at me. "No problem!"

She helped me as we left the building, I had felt the flash of fear from Lin and knew that something was wrong. Lin explained what she had seen as we left the building, looking for someplace safer. I looked around, we needed to find a building that had as few entrances as possible...preferably only two. Yet it had to be big enough for all of us. It would be better if we split up; but we had to stay in communication. I took out my cellphone...amazingly, it still had reception! 

"Hey, we should split up to look for a place to stay!" I commented to everyone. "We need a place with only one entrance and one exit, and enough room for all of us. We can use our cellphones to keep in touch. Does anyone disagree?" 

There was a chorus of no's and so I continued, "Alright; Luna, Adelaide, and Lin come with me. Sally, Terry, and Fia you go in the opposite direction, if you find anything or need to contact me here is my number..." I went on to give them my phone number and Terry called me to give me his, then we split up and went in opposite directions to find a new place to stay. 

My group had to constantly stop so that I could rest, my injuries were still pretty bad and I couldn't go for long without taking a rest. It was about two hours later that I got a call from Terry. "We found a place!" he said excitedly. "It's perfect!" He told me how to get there and then I hung up and we hurried over to our new home. It was about half an hour later when we arrived and by that time Terry's group had settled in quite nicely. It was a huge mansion, with at least seven rooms and four bathrooms. It also had a living room, a well-stocked kitchen, and a basement; not to mention a pool! Luna took me upstairs so that I could lay down. Then stayed to keep me company. 

"So, what was your life like before...all this...?" she asked once we had both settled down. 

I grimaced then took a deep breath. "I just recovered from...from a really bad life. I used to have a girl friend...I loved her like nothing else in my life," I started to explain. I saw Luna's face fall but continued, knowing the reason, "I thought she loved me too, but she was just using soon as this handsome guy came along and asked her out...she left and I never saw her again," I explained bitterly. Luna looked like she was about to say something, but I wasn't done, "After that I got really depressed, I ran away from home, started cutting myself, smoking, doing drugs, you name it, I did it. Only a couple months ago I finally picked up the broken pieces of my life and started to put them back together...I got my own apartment, a job, went to a shrink as well as rehab. Even went back to yeah...that's it." I said with a weak smile. 

The End

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