I didn't sleep long. Habit. I went to sleep in the early hours of the morning and then woke up a mere few hours later.

I opened my eyes and saw Raylene sleeping beside me. A few seconds after I woke she did too. She smiled at me (still trying to get used to a lynx smiling at me). I got up and stared at Raylene.

"Where am I?" I asked quietly, picking up where I'd left of with my questions.

"Good question," Raylene said stretching, "Another world."

"Another world," I repeated, "Super. I've somehow ended up in another world, where the sky is black and there is no wind, where animals talk and one of them is my Guardian. Oh, let's not forget the people here who don't like me but I clearly have to put up with them."

"Maybe your... distance might make more sense to them if you explained your power to them," Raylene suggested lightly and exited the room. I followed.

"Do you mean my delightful telepathic power or my wonderful premonitions?" I shot Raylene a look. She shook her head.

"You have so much sarcasm," she commented, "And you need to let go of your discomfort with having people close to you."

"For someone who stalked me you don't know a lot about me do you?" I snapped. Raylene spun around and glared.

"You went through extensive training and all the lessons and rules you were taught have been drilled into you so much that even though you've left that life, you can't let go entirely," Raylene retorted.

"Right," I whispered, "Rule number three: Don't have friends."

"What are rules number one and two?"a voice asked from behind me. I spun around to face Terry. I smiled dryly.

"Have a guess," I suggested. He shrugged but he took a step forward into my 'range' (which was to say: he was too close) so I heard his thoughts.

Don't trust is one.

"I know you know at least one of them," I said coolly and stepped back. He followed. Just then Adelaide, Sally and Fia appeared, returning from eating. He backed up and I breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't... pleasant reading people's thoughts. Most of them were thinking horrible things. Plus, I was scared that Terry would figure out my illegal history.

Adelaide, Sally and Fia were looking at us, confused. I gathered my pride and stalked past them. I brushed past the three girls and their thoughts pounded at my self control. I could feel their glares on me once they were out of 'range'.

Don't let them see how you feel, I thought over and over. Raylene stayed loyally by my side. I shot her a grateful smile before resuming my expressionless face. I saw Caleb, Luna, Waya and Kanin.

"You're imagining the glares you know," Raylene said suddenly. I turned to give her a questioning look. She smiled kindly, "They're not glaring. Sure they disapprove of you - not that you can't understand that - but they don't glare," Raylene explained. I snorted. Luna and the other three were staring at us. My eyes flickered over all four of them and I snorted again.

"I'm definately not imagining that glare," I muttered. Raylene followed my gaze to Kanin and sighed.

"You weren't exactly kind to Luna of course she'll hold a grudge. Waya likes you though and Caleb's... sympathetic," Raylene murmured.

Sympathetic? Curious, I walked over to them so that they were within my 'hearing'.

Luna was thinking I was quite intimidating but she was easily scared. She was trying to make judgements about my character but kept contradicting her own opinions. She was also thinking ashamed that she hadn't helped Caleb. When she thought of him there was a faint undercurrent of affection. Hm, interesting but, wow, she was confusing.

I suddenly felt a lot more connected to herand Caleb than before. I frowned briefly then turned my attention to Caleb's thoughts. After a second, I glowered at him.

Caleb had discovered that he could strengthen and weaken bonds. He could also read emotions and was reading my anger. He was thinking that I was really distant and almost pitied me so he had strengthened my bonds with everyone. He was the most willing to give me a chance. Oh, and he was confused because I was feeling vindictive pleasure.

"It's because we're even," I told him through gritted teeth, "Let me make you a deal, you leave my 'bonds' and emotions alone and I won't invade your privacy." Caleb's eyes widened. I stepped back so I could no longer hear his thoughts. "Deal?" I asked. His eyes hardened and he nodded. I felt distant once more and relaxed. Distance and coldness were familiar to me, warmth and being close to people were uncomfortable.

"Thank you," I whispered. They all looked surprised at having heard nice words come out of my mouth. I was about to make a sarcastic comment when I couldn't see them anymore.

Fifteen armed men in black suits were closing in. Too many for us. Only three of us are real fighters and we have no weapons.

"Where are they?" someone whispered, her fear apparent.

Then the vision was over. They were never long. Always short and confusing. Raylene was standing close to me. The other four were frowning at me. Then Waya and Kanin's expressions cleared.

"Luna and I will get the others," Kanin said and Raylene nodded.

"What?" Luna, Caleb and I asked in unison. Then I got it.

"Oh no!" I shook my head. It was then I realised tears had spilled over during the vision. I wiped them away hastily. "Look, all I can tell you is what I saw - which is not much! I don't ever understand them! Please don't pressure me into giving you more answers than I have," I begged. Startling me, Luna moved to wrap an arm around my shoulders in comfort. I didn't shrug her off.

"Lin, we're not Conall," Raylene said simply. I swallowed and nodded.

"Come on, Luna," Kanin called. Luna squeezed my shoulders than ran after Kanin.

The End

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