I awoke with a start the next morning. The strange figures from the hallway had haunted me throughtout the dream world and a specific part of my dream had made me sit bolt upright.

"What's wrong..?" Kit said drowsily. I realised that I was panting and shaking and I quickly gulped and readied myself.

"Nothing, sorry, I just.. a bad dream. I had a bad dream." I said finally, between deep breaths. "Sorry I woke you up." I glanced around the room. I had followed the lynx and the new girl out of the room and after eating we had decided to go to a different room to sleep in. I could see her chest rising and falling and hear the deep breaths that were issuing from her and decided that she was asleep.

I muttered another apology to Kit before clambering out of the bed I had slept in. I walked along the corridor of the hotel, aware that Kit was following me. "Go back to bed Kit," I whispered, "I don't wanna wake the others."

A voice from one of the rooms on the hallway told me that there was no need for quiet, the others were awake already. I stood outside the door, listening in on a conversation that was being had inside.

"Shall we go get some breakfast?" said a female voice which I immediatley recognised to be that of Sally; the girl with the dragonfly.

A quiet voice murmured back, "Okay, shall we wake the others?" I guessed this one to be Adelaide. I quickly realised that if I were to stay here I would be noticed, and this would arouse the suspicions of the group.

As I was thinking of a place to hide, the door flung open and Adelaide walked out. I opened my mouth to give an excuse as to why I was stood outside their door but as Sally left the room, quietly closing the large door behind her, it became apparent that they hadn't noticed me.

"Uhh... Hey guys," I said, walking fast to catch up with them.

"Who's there?" Sally said, spinning around and surveying the corridor. As she scanned the hallway it became apparent that she could not see me.

"Uhh... It's me, Fia?" I said, confused. She seemed to look straight through me before she spoke again.

"Where are you? I can't see you..?" she spoke uncertainly. I felt uncomfortable and confused. I wondered to myself about whether I had actually woken up or if I was still dreaming.

I felt a sudden rush of warmth spreading through my body and I looked up at Sally. Her expression showed a mixture of confusion and shock and she opened her mouth to speak, yet no words came out, she just stood there, gawping at me. I looked over at Adelaide who was wearing a similar expression.

"What are you looking at me like that for?" I uttered, slightly hurt and confused. "What did I do?"

"You... You just... Appeared... You... How did you do that?!" Sally spluttered, looking at me with awe.

"What?! I didn't do anything! I was here all along, what are you talking about!?" Kit slinked around the corner and stood between me and them.

"Fia, you possess the rare ability to become invisible. Now, lets go eat," he said, grinning a slightly cheeky grin.

The End

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