I watched as the Lin girl walked out of the room and shuddered. I don't think I had ever seen anyone as proud. That was almost all I had felt from her...except a brief twang of pain when she had found that most of us didn't approve of that pride. did I know that? Her expression had been bland! I thought about it for a little before I realized that I could sense what everyone around me was feeling! 

When I started concentrating I realized I could see little threads running from person to person. Some were brighter than others and some almost non-existent. The brightest was between me and Luna. But it was also different. I wondered at that; what was it that made the one between us different? I let it go for the moment in order to look at the ones between everyone else, what were they? Then I realized what they must be; they were the bonds that held people together! I looked around again, looking at the strength of the bonds between us. They were actually surprisingly strong with most people. Then I saw that in one place the bonds were weaker than most. Adelaide was so shy that it was preventing her from allowing others form bonds with her and also her to form them with others, so she was tied to us more loosely than most. I wished it would be otherwise, that somehow the bond could just get stronger.

As I watched her bonds suddenly got much brighter and gaped. I immediately closed my mouth and looked away, I had forgotten that the others could still see me and my reactions...apparently to nothing. I grimaced and went back to studying the bond between me and Luna...why was it different? I felt it, then looked into Luna's emotions but they were a bit blurry because she was asleep. I shrugged, I could wait till she woke up again...she looked much more peaceful when she was asleep, the self-deprecation was smoothed off of her face and emotions. When I came out of my reveries and thoughts I found that the room had emptied of everyone except Luna, Waya, and me.

Waya jumped up onto the bed next to me and laid his head on my lap. I smiled at him and scratched behind his ears. He closed his eyes happily and was soon asleep. I looked at Luna again, she was so beautiful especially when she was asleep! I quickly realized what I was doing and pulled my self away...not again...I couldn't let it happen again. It had nearly driven me insane last time. I closed my eyes as I remembered last time. Sarah had been the most beautiful creature ever to walk the least so I had thought. She had come to me and befriended me when I had had no friends. I fell in love with her and she has said that she loved me too. I would have done anything for her, ANYTHING! One day though, the popular guy in the class had asked her out on a date...she never even noticed me after that and it had driven me into a very deep depression. 

For months I ate very little if anything at all. I ran away from home and lived on the streets...if you could have called it living. I had cut myself, I had gotten into several different types of drugs. As a matter of fact I had only recently recovered from all of that. I grimaced, took a deep breath and came back to the real world. I couldn't let something like that happen again. It was about an hour later when I finally fell asleep, it was dark outside, had been for a long I figured I should have done that a while ago. 

That night I dreamed. It was a nightmare, I was all alone. No one was there. I sat in a room and cried. I somehow knew that I had been that way for a long while and I hated it...I didn't want to spend my life alone. Suddenly there was a funeral. My funeral, nobody was there just a pastor saying a few words over my body. I shivered...I didn't want to die like that. 

I woke up the next morning in a cold sweat, I looked at my watch: 9:30 AM. I looked over at Luna, she was still sleeping peacefully. Waya, sensing my disturbance woke up and looked at me, "What is it?" he asked. 

"Bad dream."

Waya nodded knowingly and pressed his head against my chest. I put my good arm around his neck and enjoyed his least Waya would never leave me. That thought settled me down quite a bit and I relaxed happily against the back of the bed. I realized I had slept while sitting up. I tried to shift my position but as I did pain shot through my side and shoulder. I settled down again and looked at my wounds. Skin had formed over the wound, that was probably due to the healing I received before I could stop Luna. But below the skin, the wound was still relatively least I didn't have to worry about infection.

I heard a small groan/yawn as Luna woke up. I turned to look at her and found that unwanted emotions rushed through me as I saw her stretch and got up. I didn't see the link between us though and that confused me. I looked harder and then it became clear I had to concentrate to see the links..."Good morning," Luna greeted me with a smile.

"Morning," I responded. 

She moved over to me. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

Was it that obvious? I looked directly at her and saw concern written on her face...maybe I should take the's not like my life is worth all that much to anyone right now. But first I still had to have at least some kind of assurance I wouldn't be dumped first chance she got. I looked at her intensely as I started to sift thought her emotions, looking to see if she felt anything like I did. I didn't want to pry, so first I just went through her surface emotions. There was a lot there though, worry...fear...sadness...anger...then I found it, she did! She felt the same way I did! It wasn't all that strong yet, but it was there! 

I realized I was still staring at her I let my stare become less intense. "Sorry," I apologized sheepishly, "and no, nothing's wrong." 

Luna raised an eyebrow, "You sure?" 

I smiled, "Yeah, I'm was just a bad ok?" I asked and felt a twinge of...I don't know...sadness? no, more like self-hate from her. 

She put on a brave smile though, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You know you aren't useless...I know what you are feeling and it's not true, you saved Waya! I am still in your debt...I don't think I could live without him..." 

The End

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