Saul Wong : Monday, September 14, 10:24 PM


Saul Wong, September 14, 10.24 P.M.


I passed out. Well, that was pathetic.

“You never hear about the hero fainting after getting told off by his uncle,” I muttered. I wondered briefly what time it was. Not bothering to look at the clock, I pushed the automatic teller button. I was still a little groggy.

Tan Twunty Floor Pee Em,” the clock said. I paused. I’d never used that button before. I checked the label on the clock. Made In Japan, it said. I sighed. Then more pressing matters took my attention. If it was already ten twenty four, then I really needed to get a move on.

No time to go to the grocery store to get anything. No time to go anywhere, actually. I looked out my window, across the street to what I think was a warehouse or something. Quiet, except for a sort of shuffling sound. I looked around, and found the source. One of those … things was wandering outside my house, unaware of my existence. I could barely see it, covered in the shroud of night. But it had no difficulty seeing me, and immediately headed to my house, trailing blood behind it.

I could feel a wave of panic hitting me, but I forced myself to keep cool and assess the situation. It would take at least ten minutes for it to reach the house at the rate it was going. In that time, I had to pack food, water, and equipment to last one long journey. I looked at the map of the area taped above my bed. Eventually, I decided on Big Marine Lake. It would take a day to reach there on foot, but most people would probably be heading in the opposite direction, so it would be a relatively easy journey.

I grabbed my schoolbag, and dumped all the books onto the floor. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and raided the pantry. Nothing but a few cans of stewed tomatoes. They would have to do. I checked the fridge. There was a large jug of milk. It was empty. I washed the traces of milk from it, and filled it with water. A Swiss Army Knife and a box of matches later, and I was packed.

My uncle wasn’t anywhere in sight. Strange, I thought. He might actually had tried to escape, forgetting about-


My heart jumped at the sound.Something started pounding on my door and instantly, I knew what it was. I ran upstairs, looking for a weapon. I remembered the gun in my uncle’s drawer. I ran upstairs to his room, taking the hidden (or so he thought) key and opening the drawer. It was empty. He probably took it with him. I looked around, and saw only one other thing I could have used. An aluminium baseball bat hung above his bed. I grabbed it, ran to my room, ripped the map off the wall, and stuffed it in my pocket.

The front door was made of solid hardwood, and it opened in the opposite direction of the thing outside, so it wouldn't be opening that door any time soon if all it had was it’s fists. But as long as it was there, I was trapped here.

Then I remembered. The garage door! I could open the garage door, lure it inside, knock it down, and run for it.

I walked to the garage calmly. No point in wasting my energy now. I pressed the garage door button. The door opened, the loud whirring sound attracting the monster.

It walked inside, releasing a high pitched, raspy moan. I recognized who it was the moment I saw her. It was Amy Gamble, from one of my classes. She was the daughter of Richard Gamble, a police officer who had, ah, accosted me a few times.

Her face was pale, and her feet were bleeding, leaving a blood trail behind her. She, or it, was wearing pajamas. I froze for a moment. This thing looked like a nightmare version of the Amy Gamble I was accustomed to seeing in class. Luckily, I was pretty big for my age, and she was pretty small, so physically overpowering her would be easy.

I stood there, waiting for her to come deeper into the garage, where there would be more room for me to move.

She was really slow, taking maybe one step every second, but she definitely was out for my blood. I thought of the guy in the suit I saw earlier today, and shuddered.

When she was close to five feet away from me, I roared as loud as I could, and swung the bat sideways into her head. She fell down, and I ran past the open garage door. My heart sank when I looked back and saw that she was already picking herself up, however slowly.

What does it take to kill these things? I thought. And what are they, anyway? Something to do with the hospital.

And then the penny dropped. They were zombies. What else could have described them?

Once I was out of the house, I dropped the bat and took the map out of my pocket. It was a pretty big map, detailed enough to show my position relative to Big Marine Lake. I worked out where I needed to go pretty quickly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amy slowly getting up. My heart raced. I slowly bent down and picked up the bat. Standing up, I held the bat ready, but then an idea hit me like, erm, something that hits you. Really suddenly. You know, without warning.

Amy is the only one of these things I can see right now. So far, she’s been unkillable. She walks at roughly the speed of a crippled snail.

I could outwalk her!

Good thing I thought of that. She was already dragging her feet towards me. I backed away from her until I was at a respectable distance. Then I turned around, and found my face an inch away from another zombie.

I yelled out in surprise. I was too caught up in my fight with Amy to give this one any notice. The fact that it was ten o’clock at night didn’t help either. The zombie grabbed my shoulders. I dropped the bat, and instinctively grabbed it’s throat. No point in trying to strangle this thing, I quickly realized, but as long as I had it’s neck in my grip, it couldn’t reach me with those teeth. With my other arm, I managed to break free of it’s hold on me. I finally let go of his throat and shoved him backwards.

I managed to get a good look at him. He was an old man, his limbs gangly and fragile, and he was just as tall as me. He smelled horrible, even for an old man, even for a dead person. The smell distracted me, and I made a mental reminder to buy nose plugs. The old man was stumbling towards me now, and I heard another moan from behind. Amy!

The man reached out for me, and I grabbed his arm. The bones were brittle, and I heard a crack. I pushed him in Amy’s direction. He hit her, and they both fell over. I was scared out of my life, but somehow I managed to check the map, and get my feet moving.

“Next stop, Big Marine Lake,” I stammered to myself, appreciating my skill at the cliché.

The End

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