Growing Cold

It is the fall of 2009. A virus has begun spreading from the small suburb of Forest Lake. Everyone that succumbs to the disease rises again as the living dead. This is the story of five individuals, the loss of their world, and their fight for survival.


It's been one month since I first started preparation for Growing Cold.  Many forums posts, discussions, and a bit of research has led us to today.  I put out feelers on multiple sites for who would be interested in writing a zombie apocalypse story from the first person point of view of multiple characters.  The concept is by no means new, but was intriguing to me.  In all, I have four others looking to share my vision and write this story.  I'll be placing more information about the authors and characters in the Author's Guidance, as well as some base instructions.

I'm not certain what to expect; we've laid some groundwork, but the road is wide open.  I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I plan on enjoying writing it.

The End

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