Malcolm Meandered Through The Park, Not Really Knowing What To Do. He Couldn’t Go Home, Father Would Be There And He Couldn’t Go To A Friend’s House, He Didn’t Have Any. He Sat Down On A Green Bench. “Why Does Everything Have To Be Green?” He Thought To Himself, The Grass Was A Bright Green, The Bench Was A Dull Green, Even The Ball That Yappy Dog Was Holding Was Green. As He Leaned Back He Winced As His Scars Touched The Cool Paint. In His Father’s Eyes Malcolm Was A Stupid Little Boy Who Did  Nothing Right.

Malcolm Sat With His Head In His Hands, Thinking About What Father Would Do When He Got Home... Maybe He Didn’t Have To Go Home, He Could Run Away Forever Although He Didn’t Have Any Money And He Wasn’t One For Stealing.
Malcolm Sighed Loudly.
“Excuse Me, Why Did You Make That Noise?” Malcolm Jumped As He Found A Girl Sitting Next To Him. 
“Sorry.” He Paused, Her Brown Eyes Seemed Like They Actually Cared For This Lone Boy. “Do I Know You?” He Remembered Her From Somewhere, He Just Couldn’t Work Out Where From Though. He Shook It Off.
“No. Well, I Don’t Think So!” She Seemed To Be Having The Same Feeling As Malcolm.
“I’m Suzy.” She Continued Cheerfully. “What’s Your Name?” She Asked, Smiling.

*        *        *

“Why Are You Talking To Me?” Malcolm Had Been Talking To Suzy For Nearly An Hour Now, But It Had Only Just Occurred To Him That She Had No Reason To Talk To Him.
“You Looked Lonely.” She Said Simply. Malcolm Beamed At Her, But His Smile Faltered When She Said: “I’m So Sorry. I’ve Got To Go. Bye! See You Later!” Malcolm Waved After Her.

He Looked Up At The Sky: Dark Already. Father Would Have Something To Say About This.


The End

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