Luna : smile

"Yes, my name is Luna, your Barnabus....Barnacle...Barna...." I bit my lip as if struggling with his name "Barnaby, thats it" I smiled teasingly

Did I just see his mouth twitch?

"Yes that is indeed my name" he looks a little cautious of me.....

I smiled warmly "I believe I need to admit though....I cast spells at a high level but, I'm more of a peacemaker, wouldn't harm a fly, unless it was a danger to those around me" I laughed. "So are you the scholar of our group?"

"Yes" he smiled, seeming slightly more at ease.

"Don't tell me thats....!" I looked the title, my smile expanding "I love that book! I've read it more than anything else!"

"You read?"

"Frequently" I sighed "I love to learn anything I can about everything I can, though I suppose you know much, much more than I do" I smiled

The End

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