Silva: Still waiting...

Where were they? Did they decide to take the back door and escape the straw-headed tag-along? She wouldn't have blamed them, in all honesty. Stowing away her banjo, Silva got to her feet, since sitting one's duff never accomplished anything as far as she knew, and headed for the most logical place she could think of for people looking for supplies--the market.

The intertwined smells of breads and produce filled her nostrils as she wandered about the cobblestone, trying not to look too lost.

"Mornin' Miss!" a stall keeper bellowed, grabbing her scrawny wrist, "How about some jewlery to pretty up that plain outfit of yours."

"Thanks, but no thanks," she grinned politely, deciding that 'plain' wasn't exactly the right word to describe a girl wearing men's trousers. But for some reason the man wouldn't let go.

"It'll only cost you two shillings."
"Sir, I haven't even one."

"Pity," he frowned, finally releasing her. Silva hurried away only to bump into another lowly entrapanuer, "Mornin' Miss! How about some freshly cut meat?" Silva grimaced at the red, dripping meat hanging helplessly behind him, "No thanks."

"It will only cost ya two shillings!"

Where were they?

The End

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