Silva: waiting...

While the others left to get their effects and such, Silva slung her bag on the ground and plopped herself down on boulder outside the castle doors. She rubbed a hand across the rough fabric of the men's trousers she had thrown on and once again questioned the point of going on this quest. They already had a scholar, soldier, and a mage--what did they need a lousy servant for? She shrugged and sighed, what was new? Silva had never been anywhere for her particular talents anyways, people had just always needed an extra person. Might as well make the most of it.

It felt good to just sit and breath for awhile. Silva closed her eyes and let the breeze run its soft fingers through her curly hair. Her thoughts suddenly turned to something she hadn't had the time to do all week. Reaching for her bag she brought forth a small banjo and struck up a quiet and relaxing tune, losing herself in its homely sound and soothing rythm.

The End

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