Conrad; A very pretty lady. Wait, what?!

A very good looking woman walked into the room.  She walked to the king and introduced herself.  She is a mage, which is not good for my chances.  We are trained in the army not to trust those who possess magic.  The king then dismissed us.

I paused to talk to her at the doorway, but I thought better of it.  We would have plenty of time during the search to get to know each other.  Besides, I had other things that I needed to do.

The armory was my first stop.  I need my armor, as I feel naked without it.  The others would need weapons eventually, but I know better than to get weapons from the armory.  They are all made of the cheapest steel, and never sharpened.

After I had donned my armor and lashed longsword to my back, I went to get a horse from the stable.  The ride to my father's home was too far to make on foot.

When I arrived at the house, I was shocked to see how far into disrepair it had fallen.  Things must be worse than I thought.

The End

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