Barnaby: Pretty face, but is it worth the burn scars?

Barnaby turned as what he assumed to be the last in their party to enter the room. He was never one to be struck by a woman's beauty, but this girl was exceptional.When she declared her profession, he made a mental note that she may be pretty, but she could probably melt his face in 2 seconds flat. Oh well, she seemed intelligent so at least he would have someone to converse with for however long this fools' errand would last.

Clearing his throat, the king sat up in his throne and threw them all a look. Barnaby guessed it was supposed to be a gaze that radiated his power and status, but he looked more like a constipated old man than a monarch.

"You may leave, young people. Remember when you must return. If you do not, you will be marked off the list of questers and refused even compensation for your time!"

They all bowed, mumbled something suiting and then left the throne room. Barnaby didn't feel like returning to his dingy room just yet, so he made his way to the palace gardens. The gardens were the only part of the castle open to the public  and with good reason. Magicked bushes bowed and cavorted, and small rare creatures walked docilely among the trees. The place was guarded so that nothing, especially the small and wondrous beasts, would be stolen so it was ironically, one of the the safest places to be. Barnaby found himself a small alcove made out two trees woven and interwoven until they formed a structure, and began to read. 



The End

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