Barnaby:Facing who knows what with a maid in tow? What sort of farce is this?

Barnaby, although not pleased with his brawny and ragged party member, could at least understand why he had been chosen. He obviously had some sort of proficiency with weapons and looked strong enough to take on most anything that came their way. He would learn to deal with the dislike some other time. But this new addition, this chamber maid, was beyond his understanding? What was she going to do? Sweep the floors of the enemy?  Maybe the rumors that the king was really little more than a drooling moron were true.

"Ah yes, Barnaby was it?" The king turned to him and barnaby's heart fluttered. 

"Yes your majesty?"

"Are the rumors true that you can use magics?"

"...Somewhat, your highness." 

"And what does this 'somewhat' mean, scholar?" Caecilius's face fell into a frown of puzzlement.

"Well yes I can use magic, but unlike a real Elf, I can only do a few small ones. Anything bigger gives me a headache and worse." Barnaby stiffened as he heard Conrad chuckle quietly. Well we'll see who's laughing when wit wins the day!Ha, muscle bound oaf.

"Ah, I see. Might I suggest you take a visit to the treasury on the morrow. My advisor can find you something that may help to augment your...Skill."

 "Yes your highness, thank you your highness."

The maid soon returned with a bag over her shoulder and in mens' trousers. Heavens, where had they come from?

"Dismissed, take the maid with you since she no longer works in my household."


The End

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