Sliva: an unexpected quest

Silva brushed the bouncy blonde hair from her silver eyes and continued to mop vigourously. There were still dinner to cook, dishes to do, windows to wipe, surfaces to dust, errands to run, oh yeah--and sleep to get.

She finally finished and was rushing down the hall to stow the mop away in its closet when a fellow maid hustled to her side.

"There you are dear," she panted, "the king has called you to his throne room. I'm not sure why, but it seemed rather urgent."

"Alright," she grumbled. Did it ever occur to his highness that there were only so many things you could cram into twenty-four hours?

The Silva entered the vast room and was surprised to see the two men she's spotted earlier standing silently beside his throne.

"Good evening," the king addressed, "It appears that we have a vacant place in one of the groups we've assigned to find the princess. Rumor has it the poor fellow broke his leg in a horse-accident. So I have gone to desperate measures and called you to help them."

"Wait," she shook her head, positive she'd heard wrong, "what?"

"I've called you to join these men on their quest."

"Why?" she asked bluntly, becoming aware that she still held her mop. It seemed to affirm her lack of prestige to carry out the call.

"Well out of all my castle subjects, you appear to be the most loyal and hard working. Not too mention your still young and spry. I think you'll do rather well."

Silva shook her head. She thought he'd lost his mind before, but now...

"Just consider it another errand," he said impatiently, "Now go get yourself ready before I change my mind!"

"Very well," she sighed, unsure how she was supposed to respond. Did she want him to change his mind? It probaly didn't mean much because he had an authoritive Queen Arigatha to face if orders weren't executed. At least it was bound to be more exciting than her life now. Plus, there was a chance at saving her best friend. But was she realy capable of such a feat?

The End

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